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General Requirements
Unless otherwise specified, Mayoral appointments to boards and commissions must be confirmed by the Court of Common Council. Most board and commission members must be Hartford voters. State law requires that no more than 2/3 of commission seats may be filled by people with the same party affiliation. Some commissions have more restrictive requirements.

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Name Description
Commission on Aging Study the needs of and coordinate programs for the aging residents of Hartford.
Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Foster and formulate programs to discourage and eliminate drug and alcohol abuse.
Board of Assessment Appeals Hear and make decisions on appeals by taxpayers of the assessed value of motor vehicles, real property, and personal property.
Hartford Area Cable Television Advisory Council Advocate for the best possible service for cable television customers within the six town Hartford franchise.
Civilian Police Review Board Investigate civilian complaints of police misconduct.
Commission on Cultural Affairs Develop an arts policy every five years.
Design Review Board Determine whether construction projects in downtown and other specific areas are compatible with the City’s Plan of Development and certain design standards.
Commission on Disability Issues Recommend ways of correcting deficiencies that prevent persons with disabilities from functioning as full citizens.
Board of Education Oversee the operations of the Hartford Public School System
Advisory Commission on the Environment Explore ways City Government can act in the interests of residents regarding environmental health hazards and make specific recommendations for action.
Ethics Commission Foster the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and fairness, and avoidance of improprieties by public servants, through enforcement of the City’s Code of Ethics.
Fair Rent Commission Receive complaints that rents being charged for housing units are excessive
Greater Hartford Flood Commission To eliminate, prevent and control flooding and flood damage in the territory drained by the Park River and its tributaries and adjacent areas.
Advisory Commission on Food Policy Eliminate hunger, raise public awareness, and ensure availability of safe, nutritious food.
Commission on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Consider and find solutions to problems peculiar to grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.
Hartford Housing Authority Board of Directors Oversee and manage the operations of the Hartford Housing Authority and its programs and housing developments.
Historic Properties Commission Note: The Historic Properties Commission is also the Historic Preservation Commission Perpetuate, preserve, and protect historically distinctive buildings and places. Implement the Historic Preservation Ordinance..
Commission on HIV/AIDS Study, make policy recommendations, and advocate for the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in Hartford.
Commission on Human Relations Foster mutual understanding and respect and encourage equal treatment of and cooperation among all races, religions, ethnic groups, and sexual preferences.
Human Resources Appeal Board Hear and make decisions on any grievance or appeal to a dismissal, demotion, or suspension of any non-bargaining unit classified City employee.
Internal Audit Commission Conduct independent examinations and evaluations of City financial activities to assure integrity, efficiency, and efficacy of the government.
Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues Assist in the elimination of bigotry, discrimination and prejudice against lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender persons in the city.
Hartford Parking Authority Board of Directors Regulate, maintain and control parking within the city of Hartford.
Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Study and recommend policies and procedures for public use of parks, parks management, and recreational programs.
Pension Commission Administer all retirement programs, systems and funds of the City of Hartford.
Planning and Zoning Commission Prepare and approve, at least every ten years, a plan of conservation and development for Hartford.
Board of Preservation Appeals To hear appeals from decisions made by the Historic Preservation Commission with regard to alteration of properties subject to the Historic Preservation Ordinance.
Hartford Redevelopment Agency In accordance with State Law, create and implement Redevelopment Plans, which include rehabilitation, demolition or construction of structures, facilities, streets, parks, and utilities in deteriorated areas in Hartford.
School Building Committee Responsible for management of all school construction projects and completion of a long range facilities plan for the Hartford Public Schools.
Greater Hartford Transit District Board of Directors Manage the affairs of the Greater Hartford Transit District which is responsible for the development, maintenance and improvement of systems for the transportation of people and goods within the sixteen towns of the Hartford metropolitan area.
Metropolitan District Commission Board of Commissioners Manage and govern the MDC whose operations include the construction, maintenance and operation of the water and sewer system in the MDC’s eight member towns including hydroelectric dams and reservoirs.
Permanent Commission on the Status of Hartford Women Eliminate gender-based discrimination and improve the status of women in Hartford.
Commission on Refugee and Immigrant Affairs (CRIA)
Zoning Board of Appeals Hear and decide appeals of zoning orders, requirements or decisions made by City staff.
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