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Appointment Process

For most boards and commissions, members must be Hartford voters. Also in most cases, members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Hartford Court of Common Council.

The application and resume submitted by an interested individual is reviewed by the Mayor’s staff and the appropriate commission is identified by the staff and the individual. The resume is then sent to the commission for review by the current commissioners. The candidate is asked to attend a meeting of the commission in order to determine if the candidate and the commission are a “good fit” for each other. Commissioners are invited to send any comments to the Mayor’s staff.

The Mayor’s staff verifies voter registration and party affiliation of candidates with the Registrars of Voters. If the individual is not a registered voter, he or she is contacted and informed that registration is required in order to be considered for commission appointment.

The individual’s resume is discussed with the Mayor, along with any comments received from the current commissioners. The Mayor then makes a decision on the appointment.

The Mayor’s appointments to commissions must be confirmed by the Court of Common Council. Therefore, the Mayor submits, to Council, the candidate’s resume and a resolution whereby the Council confirms the appointment.

The Council usually postpones action on an appointment for one meeting to allow Council members to contact and speak with an appointee, if they wish. The Council then acts on the resolution. If the appointment is confirmed, the Town and City Clerk sends a copy of the certified resolution to the Mayor’s Office and updates its official records to reflect the appointment.

The Mayor sends a letter of appointment to the appointee with a copy to the managing department and to the commission chair. A copy of the ordinance governing the commission is enclosed with the letter as well as notification of the next meeting of the commission. The appointee begins participating as a member of the commission.

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