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Economic Development
Govenor Malloy listens to CT DOT Commissioner James Redeker at Hartford's Parkville CTfastrak station as they jointly announce increasing ridership on the BRT. CTfastrak has four stations in Hartford that serves City businesses and residents.  It is only one of three BRTs nationwide with a dedicated guideway to maximize effecient service, bringing opportunities for business expansion, access to workforce and recruitement.

The economic development team is pleased to partner with citizens, investors, developers and public partners to bring about job growth, real estate revitalization, and upgrades to public rights of way.

Our team has special expertise in:

    • Tenant retention, expansion & recruitment
    • Site Selection & Permitted Uses on Sites of Interest
    • Business-related statistics such as real estate pricing, transportation and labor
    • Lease/Sale of City-Owned Properties
    • Tax Abatement Incentives
    • Streetscape/Complete Streets Planning & Design
    • Community Engagement

In addition, the Hartford Redevelopment Agency (HRA) has special interest and jurisdiction in fourteen established redevelopment areas.  Redevelopments in this area may be subject to special considerations and may also be eligible for special funding.

Please contact the economic development office to discuss your project and/or business needs!

Economic Development Resources

Enterprise Zone Map Promise Zone Map Redevelopment Plan Project Areas Map 

Housing, Economic Development, Planning & Zoning is located at 250 Constitution Plaza, 4th Floor
   Licenses & Inspections is located at 260 Constitution Plaza, Ground Floor

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