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Welcome to the Development Services Department!

The Development Service Department, under the leadership of the Mayor Luke Bronin and under the direction of Sean M. Fitzpatrick, in collaboration with the residents of Connecticut’s Capital City, oversees the development of the City. The Development Services Department is charged with helping to craft an action plan that is consistent with the Mayor’s vision for future infrastructure improvements and job development opportunities and working to make that vision a reality. The Department is comprised of five divisions: Administration, Licenses & Inspections, Housing, Planning & Economic Development, and Small Business & Neighborhood Development. Each of the divisions work together to ensure the improvement of quality of life in our neighborhoods and community by focusing on high quality public spaces, ensuring building and occupant safety, increasing homeownership, supporting the business environment, maximizing job retention, providing residents and visitors with enjoyable opportunities through public arts and events.

The Department of Development Services oversees development for the City of Hartford with attention to the goals of the Mayor and the needs of city residents.

The five divisions of this department work together to create and maintain a livable environment for citizens by developing strong residential neighborhoods, vibrant commercial areas, and bringing businesses and jobs to the city. The role of Development Services is to plan and foster city growth, and to take the steps necessary to achieve our vision. Additionally, we work to address the economic and quality of life needs of residents and businesses. The divisions also work to improve the quality of life for residents in and outside of the home, by monitoring building safety, providing safe and appealing public spaces, supporting businesses, increasing job opportunities, and fostering public arts and events. The five divisions include: Administration and Finance; Planning & Economic Development; Licenses and Inspections; Housing; and Community & Small Business Development .

Development Services is working to: 

Implement One City, One Plan through state and federal grants, the Livable and Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative (LSNI), and the iQuilt plan in order to support both local businesses and residents.

Provide the best resources to neighborhoods based on their Strategic Plans for development and the needs of their community through all five divisions and LSNI.

Develop strategies to increase homeownership and affordable housing opportunities for residents by identifying accessible resources through the City, improving and preserving existing housing, and creating a mix of housing options throughout the City. 

Promote entrepreneurship through Small Business and Corporate Programs by developing meaningful relationships with businesses and accessing resources on the state and federal levels to encourage growth and sustain startups. 

Work with the Department of Public Works in order to complete neighborhood streetscape projects, and implement “complete streets” policies.

Implement the Downtown transportation project, such as the Intermodal Triangle, which is funded by a $21 million federal grant, to create improved east/west connections in the Downtown to our regional transportation hub.

Improve the permit process so that it is easier to navigate, more predictable, and faster for residents and developers.

Work to improve the operational efficiency of the department in order to better achieve the above goals. 

The goal of these initiatives and the department’s current projects is to improve city life through neighborhood outreach and development, encourage economic growth, and create and sustain jobs. Additionally, by maintaining an environment attractive to residents, visitors, and businesses, the Development Services Department hopes to facilitate meaningful experiences for all in the City of Hartford. 

Development and economic growth is an iterative process – we look forward to working with you to optimize Hartford’s potential.

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