Mayor’s Cabinet for Young Children

Established by the Mayor, a cohesive management structure at the highest level of city government to work with the Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation’s Division for Young Children to unify and consolidate all policy-making, planning, coordination, and implementation on early childhood issues. The Cabinet, comprised of nine individuals, advises the Mayor in setting policy on all matters affecting young children and their families. The Cabinet includes both elected and appointed public sector leaders as well as non-governmental appointees representing important stakeholders including parents. Cabinet responsibilities are:

  • Recommend and oversee city policy on early childhood;

  • Establish short - and long-term goals and targets;

  • Advance the City’s Early Childhood Plan or Blueprint; and

  • Assume and extend beyond the functions of the state-mandated School Readiness Council in order to embrace a birth to age nine continuum inclusive of all providers (Center-based, Home-based, and Friends, Families & Neighbors), regardless of funding source.

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