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Trash Rules

The Department of Public Works collect garbage, refuse and other waste materials from six units or less residential properties.

Ordinance: Chapter 15

Acceptable Recycleable Items

HARTFORD RECYCLES! It works because of YOU! With Single-stream recycling pilot program, you no longer need to separate your recyclables. Place these items in the Blue Recycling Containers:

  • Glass food and drink bottles and jars (Empty & clean, no food & no caps)
  • Juice boxes and milk or juice cartons (Rinse and discard caps and straws)
  • Aluminum and steel cans including aerosol cans (No paint, pesticides or other Hazardous Wastes)
  • Plastic food and laundry product bottles, jugs and jars (Size up to 3 gallons No. 1 through 7 plastics only - rinsed but not crushed, please no plastic bags)
  • Newspapers
  • Corrugated cardboard (Must be uncoated and Flattened)
  • Magazines & catalogs
  • Mixed office paper
  • Junk mail, home computer paper, writing paper, envelopes, receipts, bills, etc. (Shred or tear up bills and receipts to destroy personal information
  • Cereal boxes, shoe boxes, pasta boxes, shirt cardboard and soda and beer “refrigerator packs” and similar types of cardboard (No foil coated cardboard material. Remove the lining from cereal boxes and windows from pasta boxes).

Hartford Recycles: Acceptable Items

Information about Hazardous Waste

Waste & Recycling Notice

If you have received a red Waste & Recycling Notice, you have violated trash rules. The Department of Public Works will leave a notice to any 1-6 family building that sets out trash improperly or does not recycle correctly using a red notice. The notice will be filled out by Public Works listing the problem (infraction) with your trash or recycling using a number. Below is a sample notice with the list of problems (infractions).

For example, Infraction #10 is that your building left hazardous waste on the curb. This is unacceptable and must be removed. You will need to take the waste back into your property, check the schedule on our website for the next hazardous waste collection day and drive the waste to the collection location.

Another example, Infraction #26 is that you are leaving carts on the curb after collection is completed. This is not allowed. Both trash and recycling carts must be brought back into the back yard after collection.

A Waste & Recycling Inspector may send a follow-up letter and may fine your property if the unacceptable waste or presentation of trash continues.

Public Works will make training available for tenants if landlords request training. Appointments for training can be scheduled through Public Works by calling 311.


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