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Snow Ban Parking

When heavy snowfall is predicted, the Mayor may declare a snow emergency parking ban to ensure roads remain open for DPW and emergency vehicles. During a snow emergency parking ban, all on-street parking is prohibited throughout the City of Hartford, and cars left parked on City streets will be ticketed and towed. 

Residents without access to off-street parking may move their vehicles to the following locations (click for map):

During a snow emergency parking ban, all on-street parking is prohibited throughout the City of Hartford. Any vehicles not removed from City streets by the start of the parking ban will be ticketed and towed. Residents without access to off-street parking should move their vehicles to one of the following authorized parking areas before the start of the parking ban:

Blue Light Lots

  • 130 Sisson Ave

  • 2404 Main St

  • 135 Main St

  • 50 Curcombe St

  • 20 Francis Ct

  • 60 Chadwick St

  • 11 Flower St

  • Sigourney and Homestead

City Parks and Centers

  • Colt Park – Warwarme St Lot                 

  • Elizabeth Park – Asylum St Lot                  

  • Elizabeth Park – Prospect Ave Lot           

  • Goodwin Park – Hubbard Ave Lot           

  • Goodwin Park – Maple Ave Golf Course Lot     

  • Keney Park – Woodland St Lot  

  • Keney Park – Ridgefield St Lot 

  • Rocky Ridge Park – Zion St Lot

  • Thomas J. Hyland Memorial Park – Ansonia St Lot

  • Foster Heights Park – Amherst St Lot

  • Holcomb Health and Human Services Campus - 2 Holcomb St Lot

  • North End Senior Center - 80 Coventry St Lot

  • Parker Memorial Community Center - 2621 Main St

  • Metzner Recreation Center – 680 Franklin Av

  • Samuel Valentin Arroyo Recreation Center – 30 Pope Park Dr

 All Hartford District School Parking Lots.

  • For a complete list click HERE

Residents should remove their vehicles from the lots promptly following the end of the parking ban. Residents whose vehicles are towed during the parking ban should contact the Hartford Police Department at (860) 757-4000. The cost for retrieving a towed vehicle is $93.59 which will include 3 days of storage. After 3 days additional fees will be levied. An additional $99.00 ticket will be issued which owners are responsible for paying before the answer date. 

If your car has been towed you can check this link to see where it is located: https://data.hartford.gov/Public-Safety/Towed-Cars-for-the-Past-30-Days/hefc-wgp8

After the snow emergency parking ban has concluded, residents are expected to remove their cars from these areas promptly. All City schools parking lots must be cleared as soon as possible after the parking ban has concluded. 

Anyone in need of shelter is urged to call 211. 


Due to the severe cold weather, residents should take the following precautions:

  • Stay indoors if possible
  • If you must go outside, wear several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing. Wear a hat and change wet clothes frequently to prevent loss of body heat.
  • Cover your mouth with a scarf to protect your lungs.

Some helpful videos:

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