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Leaf Collection

Find Your Leaf Collection Day (Interactive Map)

2018 Leaf Collection Map


1 - Leaf Collection Program / Coleccion de hojas

2 Times/2 Veces

2 - Paper Leaf Bags / Bolsas de papel para hojas

  • Place PAPER leaf bags curbside on scheduled leaf pickup weeks
    Coloque las bolsas de hojas DE PAPEL en la acera en la semana programada para la recolección de hojas

3 - Resident Drop-Off / Entrega por residente

Year-round / Todo el año

  • Free green permit required: 50 Jennings Road, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM
    Permiso verde requerido: 50 Jennings Road, lunes a viernes, 8:00AM-5:00PM
  • Bring leaves to Bulky Waste & Recycling Center located at 180 Leibert Road in Hartford
    Traiga las hojas al Bulky Waste & Recycling Center en la 180 Leibert Road en Hartford
  • Hours of operation: Tuesday through Saturday, 9AM-2PM
    Horario de operaciones: martes a sábado, 9AM-2PM

Questions? / ¿Preguntas?
Call 311 or 860-757-9311
Llame al 311 o 860-757-9311

Spring Leaf Collection 2017

Homeowners & Residents,

To dispose of your leaves, please do the following

  1. Go to 50 Jennings Rd to get a green transfer station permit 
  2. Go to 180 Leibert Rd to dispose of leaves which must be in brown paper bags.

For further information please call 311 and the operator should give you complete instructions.

Bulky Waste Curbside Collection Program

In response to residents’ concerns and to increase efficiency of the collection process, the City of Hartford is adopting a new APPOINTMENT ONLY Bulky Waste Curbside Collection Program.

Beginning January 1, 2018, qualified residential properties will have to schedule the collection of approved bulky items. Each residential property, 6 units or fewer is allotted two (2) free collections per year, of five (5) or fewer approved bulky items. Residents with additional items for disposal can schedule additional collections at a cost of $75 per collection, or obtain a $10 permit (max 4 visits) and transport items to the transfer station directly.

Call DPW Dispatch at (860) 757-4955 for an appointment, or 311 for more information.


Q: What do you mean by “appointment-based” collection?

A: Instead of just putting “bulky waste” on the curb any week, you must first phone to make an appointment before DPW will collect those materials.

Q: So who do I phone?

A: Call DPW Dispatch at (860) 757-4955 for an appointment, or 311 for more information.

Q: When does this start?

A: It starts the week of January 1, 2018.

Q: Can I still put out as much stuff as I want?

A: No. You may put out up to 5 items each collection. This part is not a new limit, but people have not been following this rule well.

Q: Can I do this every week?

A: No. You may get two (2) free collections each calendar year. Most residents will not generate more than 10 of these sorts of items in a year.

Q: What if I have more bulky items than 10 per year?

A: You may get a permit for additional collections for $75 each, or for $10, you may get a permit that allows you to take four (4) loads of material to the transfer station yourself. Call 890-757-9900 for more details.

Q: What kind of items are you calling “bulky waste”?

A: Bulky waste items are usually too large to fit in your trash cart like a stuffed chair or a mattress. Often they are items that can not burn, like a sink. We do not take hazardous or toxic waste like motor oil, asbestos, or lead paint chips. For a list of examples we do take, and help with other items, please visit our website at or phone 311.

Q: What about TVs?

A: You need an appointment for collection of TVs and electronics, but there is no charge if you take them to the transfer station with a free, green permit. CT passed a law that the manufacturers must pay to get these recycled.

Q: I have 4 tires. Is that going to use up one of my two appointments?

A: We’ll take up to four (4) tires by appointment, which would count as four (4) out of your five (5) items for one appointment. Tire disposal is getting more expensive, and we are hoping CT passes a law soon to get the manufacturers to help with these costs also.

Q: I heard mattresses are free now, too. Will you collect them?

A: Yes. You may take them to the transfer station if you have a free, green transfer station permit, since manufacturers pay to get these recycled. We will also collect them with a bulky waste appointment. A mattress and box spring would count as 2 items toward the 5 items per appointment.

Q: How about carpet?

A: We don’t take it loose. We will take carpet outside your regular gray trash cart if it is cut to 3 foot lengths and rolled to 18 inch diameter. Limit of 2 bundles per week with your regular trash. It does not need an appointment. If you do not want to cut and bundle it, you must get a ­­­blue permit for $10 and take it to the transfer station, hire a private hauler, or get a dumpster.

Q: I’ve got a bunch of wood. Is that bulky waste?

A: We don’t take wood loose. We will take wood outside your regular gray trash cart if it is cut to 3 foot lengths and tied in18 inch diameter bundles. Limit of 2 bundles per week with your regular trash. It does not need an appointment. If you do not want to cut and bundle it, you must get a $10 blue permit, take it to the transfer station, hire a private hauler, or get a dumpster.

Q: Are branches and sticks the same as wood?

A: You can treat them the same. Cut to 3 foot lengths and tie them in18 inch diameter bundles. Limit of 2 bundles per week with your regular trash. It does not need an appointment. If you do not want to cut and bundle it, you must take it to the transfer station, chip it, hire a private hauler, or get a dumpster.

Q: What about a refrigerator?

A: Metal can be recycled by taking it to the recycling center. Because it has value, if you place it at the curb, local scrappers will collect it. You may also make an appointment for the City to remove it, but items are almost always taken before we get there. This includes bed frames, appliances, water heaters, etc. If you make an appointment and we come to the house, this will count as one appointment, even if there is nothing there when we arrive, since City resources have still been used.

Q: When will my stuff get picked up?

A: On your regular trash day, but by a different truck. We make 25 appointments per day on a first come, first serve basis, so please phone early for the soonest appointment.

Q: What if you already have 25 appointments for my collection day?

A: Then we will make you an appointment for the following week.

Q: When do I have to call for an appointment?

A: Please call between 7:30 AM and 2:30 PM Monday through Friday to speak to a Dispatcher. If Dispatch is busy, or you phone outside those hours, you may leave a message with your phone number and we will phone you back. You DO NOT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT until we have confirmed a date with you. If you do not leave a phone number, we cannot call you back, you do not have an appointment, and your items will not be collected.

Q: Can I make an appointment from the website?

A: Not at this time. We need to talk to you.

Q: When do I put my stuff out?

A: Items must be placed at the curb no earlier than 4 PM on the preceding day, and no later than 7 AM on the day of pick up.

Q: What do I do with my stuff before then?

A: Keep it in your house, shed, or back yard. Do not put it at the curb before 4 PM the day before your appointment or you will be subject to a warning, then fines.

Q: What if they don’t come?

A: If you had an appointment and put out the items that you phoned about on time, they should be there on the correct day. If there is an emergency such as a snow storm and we need to reschedule, we will use the phone number you gave us to call you back.

Q: I live in a multi-family house and somebody put stuff out that’s still sitting there. How can I get rid of it?

A: Please advise your landlord to educate other tenants about proper disposal.

Q: I called for an appointment for my things, but now there’s more stuff out there. Will you take it?

A: We will only take the items described to us when you made the appointment. Other items will be considered illegal dumping unless someone calls for an appointment for those items.

Q: What’s the phone number to report illegal dumping?

A: Phone the police at 860-757-4000 with a description of the incident and any information you have about any vehicle involved.

Q: What’s the phone number to report blight?

A: Call 311

Q: How do I get a blue or green permit to use the transfer station?

A: Come to 50 Jennings Road, Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to noon. Bring proof that you live in Hartford. A green sticker is free and lets you bring recyclables. A blue sticker costs $10 and lets you bring 4 loads per year.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Hartford’s residential taxpayers have been paying for non-residents, commercial entities, investment properties, and people who abuse the system with excessive material or illegal disposal. Our goal is to save money and continue to take care of the basic needs of our own residents and taxpayers.

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