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North Hartford Promise Zone Federal Grant Preference Points

The ability to access preference points in federal funding competitions is a key benefit of the federal Promise Zone designation. Each year, participating federal agencies like the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Justice, and Department of Education will announce grant opportunities that include a preference for proposals from Promise Zone communities.

What are Preference Points?

Preference points serve as "extra credit" for a grant proposal to improve the applicant's competitiveness in the grant process. The federal agencies determine how many preference points are awarded for Promise Zone communities. The City of Hartford is responsible for certifying that the application for funding is from a Promise Zone partner organization and is consistent with the goals and objectives of the Promise Zone.

Which Federal Agencies offer Preference Points?

Currently 11 Federal agencies offer grants with Preference Points.  Click here for the current list of grants and eligible applicants.

How can I request a Preference Point recommendation?

Preference point recommendation will be provided to a partner organization that can demonstrate how their program/project meets one or several of the Promise Zone goals.The City of Hartford is able to certify only one grant proposal per competition, so it is important to contact the Promise Zone Director early in the process to determine if other local groups are interested in a particular grant opportunity. The City of Hartford encourages local groups to partner whenever possible when there is more than one group interested. Organizations must submit a completed and signed Request for North Hartford Promise Zone Certification to the Promise Zone Director least 2 weeks in advance of the grant due date.

When will we be notified if our organization received Preference Point certification?

You will hear back from the Promise Zone staff within 1-2 working days as to the status of your initial request. The process for reviewing and certifying proposals can take up to two weeks, so please plan accordingly. If the process is followed properly, you will receive an official HUD Certification form in time to upload with your federal grant application.

What expectations are there for my organization should I receive a grant utilizing the Preference Points certification?

Organizations who receive grants must agree to participate in evaluations of the Promise Zone, submit reports on the participants and outcomes of their project and are strongly encouraged to become involved in the Promise Zone Working groups.





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