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Procurement Card (P-Card) Program Audit, April 2013

At the request of the City of Hartford Court of Common Council, we completed an examination in April 2013 of the Procurement Card Program of the City of Hartford. The purpose of the examination was to evaluate and test internal accounting and operating controls, the accuracy and propriety of transactions processed, the degree of compliance with established operating policy and procedures, and to recommend improvements where required. T

he results of our examination were reviewed with the interim Chief Operating Officer and Finance Director who are responsible for the administration of and control over the Purchasing Card program. The summary, which follows, includes exceptions disclosed and recommended operating improvements. Management has also noted actions taken or planned including time periods to resolve each finding and/or recommendation in this report. We thank management and staff for their cooperation and courtesies extended to us during our audit.

Full Report (pdf)

Report Exhibits (xls)

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