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Licenses & Inspections

The Licenses and Inspections Division ensures the health and safety of the public and the soundness and habitability of the City's residential, industrial and commercial structures by enforcing the state building code and the city's housing and zoning codes; and issues licenses and permits as required by state statute and municipal code.

    Housing Code

  • Enforce State Statutes and Municipal Ordinances that protect the public health, safety and welfare in all:
    • Three-family or more
    • Mixed use residential/ commercial structures
    • One and two-family dwellings that are not occupied by the property owner.
  • Business Licenses must be renewed annually unless otherwise specified.  They include but are not limited to designated vendor parking, hotels, rooming house, etc,. 
  • Building and Trades reviews building permit applications and plans for code compliance, issue building permits and conduct on going building inspections to assist and ensure property owners and contractors build and repair housing, industrial and commercial buildings in compliance with applicable building codes.
  • Zoning – on Planning Division page. For more information click here.
  • Weights and Measures inspects weights and measures devices for accuracy and integrity.

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