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The Housing Division focuses on creating an environment conducive to the development and maintenance of affordable and market rate homeownership and rental housing for current and future Hartford residents.

The City utilizes existing and leveraged resources as it partners with homeowners, community-based organizations, developers, local contractors, lenders and housing professionals to create a growing number of efficient and successful housing outcomes.

The Division administers a number of accessible programs and initiatives in a prudent and transparent manner designed to encourage the participation of stakeholders that share the Division’s mission of providing safe, decent, and affordable housing.

From providing down payment assistance to prospective buyers, to the rehabilitation of Hartford’s existing housing stock, to providing rental assistance to residents, to building residential units - the activity spearheaded by the Housing Division is crucial in promoting economic activity, stable neighborhoods, and an improved tax base.

Over the last 4-5 years, the Housing Division has spent over $20 Million dollars in federal, state, and municipal dollars to make a real difference in many of our diverse neighborhoods.

By working diligently to create housing choices for an ethnically diverse and mixed income demographic, the Division helps to ensure that Hartford continues to be a vibrant Capitol City where residents want to live, work and play.


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Brian Mathews

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