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Fair Rent Commission

The Hartford Fair Rent Commission is empowered by state and local law to address unreasonable rent increases. If the tenant believes that his/her rent increase is excessive, they can file a written complaint with the Fair Rent Commission.

After the complaint is filed, Housing Code inspectors will inspect the complainant's residence and present a report to the Commission. Deferred maintenance and code violations endanger health and safety are the most common cause for complaints. If staff cannot mediate problems between the landlord and tenant, the Commission will hold a public hearing. Repairs may be ordered or rent may be adjusted until problems are resolved.

Fair Rent Commission
Claude E. Trapp, Senior Project Manager
Housing Division
Department of Development Services
250 Constitution Plaza, 4th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
Tel: (860) 757-9049
Fax: (860) 722-6630
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Carol Smith-Jestin, Chair

Beverly I. Jenkins

Rhonda Leonard-Woods

Talia Orr

Lenora Perryman

Mark Reaves


Determining Rental Charges to be Excessive

The law lists 13 Factors to be considered:

  • The rents charged for similar apartments in the City or neighborhood.
  • The health and safety conditions in your apartment.
  • Whether your apartment complies with the Hartford housing code and State statutes relating to your health and safety.
  • The repairs needed to make your apartment livable.
  • The size/ number of bedrooms in your apartment.
  • The number of bathtubs or showers, toilets and sinks in your apartment.
  • Services (such as utilities, furniture, furnishings and equipment) supplied by the landlord.
  • The amount of taxes and other expenses of the landlord.
  • Your income and whether there are other apartments you can afford.
  • What utilities you have in the unit, and whether you or your landlord pays for them.
  • Damages, other than wear and tear, which you caused to the apartment.
  • How much your landlord has raised your rent in the past. How much of the rent increase will be used to improve the apartment and building.
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