Councilpersons Larry Deutsch, Kenneth H. Kennedy, Jr., Matthew D. Ritter, Pedro E. Segarra, and Calixto Torres will represent the Council at a Public Hearing to be held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building at 7:00 P.M., Monday, October 19, 2009.


1.                  Resolution de Authorization to execute an amendment to the lease with 184 Windsor Avenue, LLC for Pathways to Technology Magnet School.


2.                  Resolution de Authorization for disposition of 54 Westland Street to TORAAL Development LLC for development of 40 units of affordable housing.

3.                  Resolution de Amendment to the terms and conditions originally approved authorizing the sale of 158 and 162-164 Ward Street to Rego Realty, Inc.


4.                  Ordinance concerning an appropriation in the Capital Improvement Fund for Project #572: Plan of Conservation and Development. ($250,000).


5.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 2, Article II of Code de Civic and Cultural Account Appropriations.                                                                                


6.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 33, adding Article IV, of Code de Regulation and licensing of pedal cabs.


7.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 28, Article XII, Schedule A-2009 de Properties included in Special Services District.


8.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 15, Article I, Section 15-6 and repealing Section 15-6.5 of Code de Dumping in City or watercourses.                                                          


9.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 2, Article VI, Section 2-351 of Code de Administrative Salary Adjustments.                                                                               




John V. Bazzano,
                     City Clerk.