Councilpersons Kenneth H. Kennedy, Jr., Matthew D. Ritter, Pedro E. Segarra, Calixto Torres and rJo Winch will represent the Council at a Public Hearing to be held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building at 7:00 P.M., Tuesday, February 17, 2009.


1.                  Ordinance repealing, re-codifying or otherwise amending Chapter 2, Article VII, Division 3 and 4, Article VIII, IX And X, Division 1-4, as specifically set forth herein and establishing a new Article XII of Code.  

2.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 28, Article XII, Section 28-221 of Code de Historic Preservation Commission.

3.                  Ordinance concerning an appropriation in the Capital Improvement Fund for the improvements to Lozada Park. ($350,000).

4.                  Ordinance concerning a supplemental appropriation in the Capital Improvement Fund for the construction of a boundless playground within a public park known as Lozada Park. ($40,000).

5.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 2, Section 2-47 of Code de Establishing outside counsel for the Court of Common Council.


6.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 9, Section 9-15 (d), Article I of Code de Building Permit Fees.


7.                  Ordinance amending Code de Prohibiting political contributions from City contractors to candidates for municipal office in the City of Hartford.

8.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 13, Section 13-94, Article III, Division 3 of Code de License required; application; expiration; revocation; charge.

9.                  Ordinance amending Chapter 14, Sections 14-2, 14-5, 14-6, 14-6(1), and 14-7 of Code de Definitions; plan prerequisite; temporary food establishment licensing: submittal, procedures, and approvals: catering food establishment licensing: classification; fees; revocation; no transferability; penalties.

10.              Ordinance amending Chapter 15, Article I, Sections 15-1 and 15-27 through 15-37 of Code de definitions; permitting of refuse collector; registration of vehicles and permanent containers.  

11.              Ordinance amending Chapter 17, article I, Section 17-6 and Article III, Section 17-49 of Code de Operation of public pools and records requirements for permit holders.

12.              Ordinance amending Chapter 18, Article VI, Section 18-147 of Code de State law relative to certificates of occupancy adopted by reference; administration designated.

13.              Ordinance amending Chapter 26, Article I, Sections 26-5, 26-7, 26-7(1) and 26-9 of Code de Lawn bowling fees; ice rink fees; boat launch fees; Dillon Stadium fee schedule.  








Daniel M. Carey,
                     City Clerk.