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Building Code Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is a building permit required?
An application must be submitted to the Licenses and Inspections Division for the following activities, and shall not commence without a permit being issued in accordance with Section 105.
a) Construct or alter a structure
b) Construct an addition
c) Demolish or move a structure
d) Make a change of occupancy
e) Install or alter any equipment which is regulated by State Building Code

The building permit must be prominently posted at the job site.

2. Permits are not required
Ordinary repairs such as counter top replacement and painting do not require permits.

3. Who can be issued a building permit?
Owners or the lessee of a building structure and the agent of owner can be issued a building permit.

4. Who can apply for a plumbing, electrical and heating work permits?
Only Licensed contractors may apply for a permit. Owners of single-family homes in which they reside may also apply.

5. When can I start work?
You may begin work when the permit is issued. Permits are issued a maximum of 30 days from the date of application unless violations are found on plans in which case the applicant is notified in writing.

6. When must work begin under the building permit?
Work must begin within six (6) months of the date the permit is issued and shall not start prior to the receipt of the permit. Once started, the work must be progressed continuously to completion. The Building official can issue one or more extensions not to exceed 90 days each.

7. What are the handicap requirements?
Handicap Accessibility applies to new construction, additions, and change of occupancy or major renovation in which case, 20 percent of the cost must be applied to accessibility.

8. Do I need a building permit to install a shed?
Yes, if a shed is to be built you would need a site plan showing prepared distances from site and rear of the property lines with a blue print or sketch showing height size, width (sq ft) as well as one must comply with the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance for any size shed and distance from side and rear property lines. If a shed is prefabricated, you need a site plan with manufactures specifications on the shed.

9. Can L&I recommend a contractor, architect, or attorney?
No. L&I does not solicit or recommend using specific contractors or food vendors.

10. When does my permit expire?
Permit is valid for 6 months from date of issue. However if there is a reasonable cause extension can be granted if requested in writing.

11. How do I check to see if a contractor is in good standing?
State of Connecticut Website

12. Am I required to have an inspection?

13. How do I schedule an inspection?
All inspections are scheduled through the inspectors. Upon receiving your permit please call the Division of Licenses and Inspections to request the name or your inspector.

14. What if I don't get a permit?
If a permit is not issued, applicant will be notified in writing within 30 days of applying.

15. What if I have a permit but never called for inspection
Generally, permits expire after 180 days if no inspection has been made. If a permit is not cancelled then you can call the inspector and schedule an inspection. The permit holder is responsible to request inspections.

16. What codes does the city use?
Connecticut State Building Code, Licenses and Inspections can furnish address to obtain code or refer to the state building inspector.

17. Estimated time from receipt of application to issuance
The entire process takes 30 days. Once application is received it goes through plan review and zoning. Once approved, it is issued and mailed to applicant/ owner.

18. When should I call for an inspection?
Depending on the type of job normally, you should call for an inspection at the rough phase of the project and upon completion.

19. How many plans should I submit with my application?
New construction, commercial construction, remodeling, alterations, additions and relocation of a structure require two sets of plans minimum and 3 sets if fire marshal review is necessary.

20. What is the cost for a permit?
The cost for a permit is indicated under the new temporary fee schedule. Click here to download a copy of the schedule.

21. What do I need to submit with permit application?
Depending on the project draingingwould be required for new walls & features, otherwise a good description will suffice.

22. When are building plans required?
For alterations, Additions, Change of Occupancy and New Construction

23. Do I need an Engineer or Architect?
Yes, unless work is minor in nature

24. Building Plans must be stamped by a licensed Architect and or Engineer
2 sets of plans for threshold structures

25. Does L&I check for approved products and materials?

26. How is work of an emergency nature handled?
Emergency permit applications are signed at the counter and applicant receives a copy and call inspector to schedule inspection over the counter permits are usually issued on the spot and are mainly done in emergency cases.

27. What should I do if I want to cancel a permit?
Only the owner, applicant, building official and or inspector is allowed to cancel a permit. You must send a written request addressed to the Director of Licenses and Inspections, describing the reasons you would like the permit canceled.

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