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Hartford Restoration Project

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LSNI’s Hartford Restoration Project (HRP) is a housing program designed to provide financial assistance in the form of a deferred loan for low to moderate income property owners. There are two measures (HRP I and HRP II) in which the deferred loan assist in the correction of specific blight conditions only, according to the City of Hartford’s Anti-Blight Ordinance (ABO). Program participants are required to complete an application, meet the program requirements and work with the City’s Rehabilitation Specialist to complete improvements to their home. The deferred loan may be offered in combination with other City of Hartford’s loans through the Housing Division. All loans are subject to available funding.

Eligibility & Terms


  • Property is located in the City of Hartford, Connecticut
  • Property must be owner-occupied; and
  • Property is a single, two, or three family units.
  • Commercial properties including mixed-use are NOT eligible
  • Household income must be within the City of Hartford’s Area Median Income (100% AMI at $87,700 for a four persons) by household size at the time of the application.
  • Applicants must be current on all City of Hartford obligations (i.e. taxes). 
  • Property use must be in accordance with the City’s Zoning Ordinance. 
  • This is a one-time secured loan. 
  • The loan is deferred with a zero (0) percent interest rate and require no monthly payments. 
  • Full forgiveness after five (5) years with no penalty for pre-payment in full.
  • The loan requires no repayment unless the property is sold and/or is non-owner occupied within five (5) years.
  • The borrower must sign a Loan Agreement with the City of Hartford, which overviews the terms and conditions of the contract, which includes bi-annually monitoring up to 5 years for visual confirmation that property is in “blight free” condition.


HRP I – Post ABO Violation


  • Hartford Restoration Project I deferred loan is capped and may not exceed $15,000.
  • Homeowner(s) have appealed the ABO notice of citation and Hearing Officer has adjudicated the following: The property owner(s) has demonstrated financial hardship and has been unable to complete the blighted conditions.
  • Applicants must apply within 30 days from their ABO appeal hearing date.


HRP II – Pre ABO Violation


  • Hartford Restoration Project II deferred loan is capped and may not exceed $30,000.
  • Applicants must apply within 45 days from the date of the Preliminary Anti-Blight Ordinance Letter was mailed.


Eligible Repairs

The only repairs or improvement eligible for the Hartford Restoration Project are the conditions located under the City’s Anti-Blight Ordinance (ABO):


  • Broken or missing windows and doors;
  • Unpainted and unsecured entry ways;
  • Damaged, collapsing or deteriorating exterior walls, roofs, stairs, porches, floors or chimneys;
  • Damaged, collapsing, crumbling or contain open cracks or breaks in the foundation walls;
  • Damaged, collapsing or deteriorating exterior additions, including, but not limited to, canopies, marquees, signs, awnings, fire escapes, standpipes and exhaust ducts;
  • Broken fences which are deteriorating to the point of decay, are in otherwise dilapidated condition, or are damaged to the extent that they allow access to the property;
  • Graffiti removal; and
  • Peeling paint on exterior walls and addition.
  • The city reserves the right to reject any rehabilitation work that in connection to ABO violations would be deemed to be cosmetic, non-essential, and unnecessary or luxury improvement items.


The Hartford Restoration Project is a collaboration between the Livable and Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative and the Housing and Property Management Division at the City of Hartford.

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