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Campaign Finance

FILING AUTHORITY.  Campaign finance designations and disclosure documents for (a) candidate or political committees for municipal offices only; (b) political committees formed for local referenda; and (c) candidate or political committees formed for town committee primaries are filed with the Town Clerk. Treasurers of town committees and committees for slates of convention delegates shall file with both the Town Clerk and the Secretary of the State.  (Sections 9-333 and 9-333e (b))


Committees are established by candidates filing a statement with the Town Clerk designating the name of the committee, the individual who will act as treasurer, and the institution in which a checking account is established. The form for this statement is provided by the Secretary of the State. (Section 9-333)


No person may act as treasurer unless the designation is filed with the Town Clerk. A treasurer must be an elector in the State of Connecticut.  A candidate may not be his/her own treasurer.  (Section 9-333h (d))


Once established, committees must file disclosure statements on the second Thursday in the months of January, April, July and October; and on the seventh day prior to the election if the committee has received a contribution or made an expenditure in connection with the election.  Committees involved in a town committee or delegate primary must file post-primary reports within 30 days, and again within 90 days, after the primary; and if a deficit exists they must also file periodic supplemental reports until the deficit is eliminated.  Committees involved in the election must file post-election reports within 45 days, and again within 90 days, after the election; and if a deficit exists they must also file periodic supplemental reports until the deficit is eliminated.  Committees involved in a primary must also file on the seventh day prior to the primary.  Those committees successful in a primary will continue on to the next pre-election filing deadline; those unsuccessful must file post-primary reports within 30 days and within 90 days after the primary and if a deficit exists they must file periodic supplemental reports until the deficit is eliminated.  (Section 9-333j)


On a filing deadline, the treasurer of a committee must file either (a) a notice of exemption from filing - if the committee has not raised or expended over $1,000.00 since the formation of the committee, or (b) a full detailed statement of receipts and expenditures - if the committee has raised or expended over $1,000.00 since the formation of the committee.  Once a committee has raised or expended over $1,000.00 and files a detailed disclosure statement of receipts and expenditures, this statement must include for all transactions from prior periods for which an exemption from filing notice was filed.  The committee treasurer must use only the detailed disclosure statement from this point on.  These forms are provided by the Secretary of the State or the local Town Clerk. If a candidate has filed a certification of exemption as outlined in Sections 9-333d and 9-333e, no financial reports are required.  (Section 9-333j)


The committee treasurer is responsible for seeing that the statement is filed in a timely manner. The statement must be hand delivered by 4:30 p.m. in the filing date, or postmarked by the U. S. Postal Service by midnight of the filing date.  (Section 9-333j (d))


There is a late filing penalty fee of $55.00 for any statement of receipts and expenditures, or exemption from filing notice, filed late for any reason. The late fee is made payable to the municipality.  A letter or notice to the treasurer should be sent requesting the payment of the late fee, as soon as a late filing is made. A sample letter is provided by the Secretary of the State.  (Section 9-333y)


If a committee has failed to file a required report, a letter notifying the treasurer of the failure to file should be sent.  The letter should advise the treasurer that if the statement is not filed within seven days of receipt of the letter, the matter will be turned over to the proper authorities for prosecution.  A sample letter is provided by the Secretary of the State.  If, after notifying the treasurer of the failure to file, the treasurer still has not complied, the Town Clerk must notify the State Elections Enforcement Commission that the committee is in violation of the Statutes.  (Section 9-333y)


The formation of a candidate committee by a candidate for a particular public office, shall not be required in a case where the following conditions exist: (1) Such candidate is one of a slate of candidates and all expenditures made on his behalf are reported by the slate or town committee or (2) Such candidate is financing his campaign solely from personal funds or (3) Such candidate receives or expends less than $500 from sources other than personal fund. The candidate must certify that he qualifies for the exemption to either the Town Clerk or the Secretary of the State.  A similar certification may be filed by groups formed in connection with a referendum question, if appropriate.  (Section 9-333f(b))


Statements filed with the Town Clerk must remain public records for at least five years from the receipt of such documents.  Each Town Clerk not receiving a salary shall be entitled to receive from the town the sum of ten cents for each report so filed.  (Section 9-333j)



In order to file a claim against the City of Hartford you must write a letter explaining where, when and what happened.  Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number. You may attach any bills or estimates to your letter and send it to: Town and City Clerk, 550 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103.

The Town Clerk is the receiving agent for all claims. Once received in this Office, the claims are forwarded to the Office of the Corporation Counsel for processing.  Any inquires as to the status of your claim are to be made to the Corporation Counsel at 860-757-9700.  The following is a suggested form which you may use to file a claim.  Claim Form


The Town Clerk is also the receiving agent for fire losses.  In compliance with the requirements of Conn.  General Statutes Section 49-73a et seq. notification to the Town Clerk is required if a fire loss to property in Hartford is in excess of $5,000.00.  The Statute requires that the Town Clerk be notified in writing by Registered or Certified Mail requesting a Tax Lien Certificate listing all liens on the property in question.  This Tax Lien Certificate must be from the Town Clerk and returned to the address shown for the interested insurance company or their representative in person or by Registered or Certified Mail within 20 days from the date of receipt of such demand by the Town Clerk.  Upon failure of the Town Clerk to notify this company of the existence of such liens in said manner, the right of the municipality to claim against any such proceeds shall terminate and the lien against these proceeds shall be dissolved.  The insurance company may rely conclusively on the amount of the taxes or expenses due as set forth in such notice of lien in making any payments of proceeds to any person.


Appointment of unaffiliated and minor party Justices of the Peace is made by the Town Clerk in accordance with Section 9-184c of the State Statutes.

Appointment of Democratic and Republican Justices of the Peace - Nomination is made by the Town Committee Chairman of each of the political parties.  During the year, supplemental lists are submitted to the Town Clerk for appointment of additional Justices of the Peace.


In accordance with Section 30-53 of the General Statutes, each liquor permit granted or renewed by the Department of Consumer Protection shall be of no effect until a duplicate thereof has been filed by the permittee with the Town Clerk of the town within which the club or place of business described in such permit is situated.  The fee for such filing shall be $20.00.

Voter Registration Cards

To receive a Voter Registration card requires a visit to the Registrar of Voters first.  The Registrar will provide you with a confirmation of your voter status. Bring the confirmation to the Town Clerk's Office and you will be issued a voter I.D. card.

The fee for a voter I.D. card is 50 cents.

HARTFORD CITY HALL ADDRESS: 550 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103 PHONE: (860)757-9311 HOURS: 8AM - 5PM