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Goodwin Park

Goodwin Park was formally established as a park November 4, 1895, with the remaining 37 Acres acquired in 1927. It was originally named South Park on the preliminary design plans and on city plat maps. The design of the park was developed by Olmsted, Olmsted and Elliot of Brookline, Massachusetts in 1900. This plan shows a grand meadow framed by tree plantations with individual trees and small clusters within the meadow space, and a small water feature. The park was constructed essentially as designed. The park was named in 1900 in recognition of the valuable services of Francis Goodwin, first president of the Park Board under the new city charter. The design plan was expanded to include the southeast corner of the current park land, which includes part of the golf course, the second pond and surrounding area.

The Goodwin Park Golf Course is a 27-hole facility, which dates back to 1906, has recently reopened and is now thriving on the strength of $1 million in improvements made by the city since 2013. Learn more about the GPGC.

                     Golf             Park             Total

Hartford            90            36.75            126.75

Wethersfield     85            25.25            110.25

Total:                                           237.00 acres


Goodwin Park 36.75 acres
4 Tennis Court
1 Basketball Court
1 Spray Pool
1 Pond house
1 Softball Diamond (
non regulation)
1 Playscape
1 Swing Set
1 Fitness Trail
Picnic area and Grills

A Chronological overview of the park construction includes the following: Construction began in 1901 with drives and plantings; the first nine holes of the Golf Course were constructed in 1906; second nine in 1911; and third nine in 1937; fee charging began in 1921; locker rooms were installed in 1910; showers and toilets in 1916. Two gravel tennis courts and four concrete ones were added to the park in 1931; outdoor fireplaces in 1913; Cabin (likely the Pond House) in 1915; Sheepbake oven in 1921; and the swimming pool was added in 1956. The golf course area was used as an emergency landing field for airplanes during World War II.

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