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Hartford North Park: A Downtown Area Plan

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THE MASTER PLAN IS HERE!  Thanks to everyone who came out and participated... we are now working to move development of this area forward in a way that realizes the vision you helped create!


This project focuses on the area north of Interstate 84, known as Downtown North, and the area just east of Union Station, known as Downtown West.  These areas have seen substantive change over the last 50+ years, in large part due to the construction of I-84 through the heart of Downtown in the 1960s.  Previous studies have been examined and provide the foundation for this Master Plan.  We are building upon those studies by focusing on creating a development framework that is founded on economically responsive, implementable projects. 

This Master Plan will take new retail and housing market analyses of the area into consideration, analyze traffic patterns and the transportation network, identify priority development sites, and recommend design standards and zoning regulations that will ensure that any proposed future development is viable and beneficial for surrounding residents.

This project area bears both the traces of its historical origins and the scars of urban renewal and suburban flight… existing challenges can become assets and help create opportunity for change. 



Hartford North Park Public Meeting Presentation #3  The final presentation of Downtown North provided a recap of the identified priority development sites, and the findings of the housing market analysis.  Also presented were a variety of transportation planning opportunities that rethink how we can utilize the existing curb-to-curb dimensions of some of our streets and intersections, as well as open space opportunities for the area.  

Hartford North Park Public Meeting Presentation #2  This presentation builds off of the Existing Conditions Report from the first public meeting and the results of the market studies to explore test-fit scenarios with supportable retail.  This presentation also explores how the City can promote future development that benefits area residents and the City as a whole while simultaneously creating economically viable opportunities for developers through predictable zoning regulations and design guidelines.

Hartford North Park Public Meeting Presentation #1  This presentation builds off of previous studies conducted over the years and summaries the Existing Conditions Report, which takes a fresh look at the study area.  The Existing Conditions Report analyzes parcels for their “strategic adjacencies,” streets are examined for how they contribute (or fail to contribute) to the pedestrian environment, open space and potential connections to the riverfront opportunities are proposed, and the visual blight of surface parking lots is explored as a opportunity for future development.

The full Existing Conditions Report is also available.


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