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Zone Hartford is a project to update and revise our existing Zoning Regulations in order to preserve and enhance the long-term economic health of the City of Hartford by focusing on encouraging pedestrian-friendly development, creating a better framework to support healthy and vibrant neighborhoods,  and making it easier to develop in accordance with the City’s vision.  



We have launched the full ZoneHartford website!  This is where you'll find information and FAQs about the project, summaries of the recommended key changes as they develop, information about events and ways to participate, and can even submit your own ideas and pictures about what you'd like to see in Hartford as it relates to zoning.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our ZoneHartford Community Meetings! Who better to let us know what type of development is appropriate for your neighborhoods than you? We had some great discussions about building form, types of businesses and residential uses, and design. Continue to check the ZoneHartford website for more chances to participate.

We want to thank everyone who came out to Zoning 101!  Zoning can be confusing and overwhelming to understand at times but we hope that everyone learned something new, found it interesting and relevant to your life, and maybe even a little fun.  Check out the Zoning 101 Presentation!

Check out our Zoning Information Pamphlet & Project Overview!

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