One City, One Plan: POCD 2020

One City, One Plan: POCD 2020

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One City, One Plan: POCD 2020

Every ten years, the Hartford Planning and Zoning Commission is charged by Section 8-23 of the Connecticut General Statutes to prepare a Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) for the City. Hartford’s last Plan was adopted in 1996. Since then, Hartford has experienced many changes in economic and physical conditions while many of its assets have become more valuable.

As a dynamic City, Hartford has many planning initiatives underway concurrently at both the citywide and neighborhood levels. One function of the POCD process is to coordinate these planning initiatives in the framework of a general land use plan. Neighborhood plans throughout the City become an important part of the POCD.

The Planning Division of the Department of Development Services, assisted by Planning Consultant Harrall-Michalowski Associates, compiled a series of interim documents that will comprise the sections of the Plan of Conservation and Development. These documents were circulated to promote discussion and new ideas on the topic and lead the Commission to a final text and Plan for adoption.

A series of public forums were held around the City to provide opportunities for input. The Planning & Zoning Commission also held community listening sessions around the city to promote discussion of the Plan of Conservation and Development. Thank you for your participation at these meetings.

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The Plan of Conservation and Development aims to articulate the best thinking on Hartford as to its future growth and to give direction to both public and private development. The Plan not only encompasses a long-term vision for the community but also offers guidance for short-term decision-making. The Plan should not be thought of as a rigid blueprint, but rather as a general guide for growth in Hartford. The proposals in the Plan become the basis for many regulations and policies -including land use and capital budget allocations- and as such impact the development and improvement of Hartford over the next decade and beyond.

While future-oriented, a Plan of Conservation and Development reflects the goals and objectives of a community at a point in time, with regards to changes in economic conditions, lifestyles, goals and objectives of a community. In recognition of this, the State Statutes require that the Plan be updated at least every 10 years, so that the long-term planning process is originating from a relatively current inventory of existing conditions and economic cycles.

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