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Two Guns of the Street

On October 6, 2015, at 8:25pm, Hartford Shooting Task Force Detective Connaughton (of Windsor PD), developed information regarding armed individuals in the area of 36 Enfield Street. Members of the STF conducted surveillance in the area and observed suspect vehicles along with suspects. STF investigators entered the parking lot at which point Accused/Cousins immediately fled on foot. HPD Detective Medina and Officer Maynard (of Manchester PD) pursued Cousins on foot and apprehended him in the rear of 467 Garden Street. A firearm was thrown by Cousins and recovered by Officer Maynard. Four occupants of the listed Nissan Maxima were detained without incident with assistance HPD Patrol Officers. The front passenger of the Maxima, Accused Baker, was in possession of the listed .38 caliber revolver.

Firearms Seized:
Firearm #1 (Baker); EAA .38 Caliber Revolver, Model EA/R, fully loaded with six (6) live .38 Special
caliber rounds of ammunition, obliterated serial number.
Firearm #2 (Cousins); Pietro Beretta 9mm Semi-automatic pistol, Model 92F, w/ one live chambered 9mm
round of ammunition and nine (9) live 9mm rounds of ammunition in the magazine, S/N C93583Z. Stolen
out of Bridgeport, CT.

Suspect Vehicle; 2007 Nissan Maxima color Gray, CT Registration

Arrest #1; Baker, Eric, 24, Hartford, CT.
1. Carrying a Pistol w/o a Permit
2. Weapon in M/V
3. Obliterated Serial Number.

Arrest #2; Cousins, Treaston, 22, of Windsor, CT
1. Carrying a Pistol w/o a Permit
2. Theft of Firearm
3. High Cap. Magazine
4. Interfering w/ Police

Demonstration Arrests

On October 5, 2015, at approximately 4:00pm, people began to gather at 50 Bloomfield Avenue, Unitarian Society of Hartford, for an advertised demonstration.

At approximately 4:15pm some participants in the rally began to sit/stand in the roadway at the intersection of Albany Avenue at Bloomfield Avenue. Demonstrators were blocking vehicular traffic at rush hour, and also blocking an artery to the University of Hartford. This action began creating traffic congestion.
The participants were asked to leave the roadway. Demonstrators were given several warnings to clear from the street or face arrest. The demonstrators refused to leave the roadway.

Having been warned of the arrest consequence, a total of twelve (12) participants who refused to move were peacefully placed under custodial arrest and transported to the HPD detention facility without incident. All arrested people were referred to community court on one of 3 separate court dates assigned to the demonstrators.
Following the arrests, the police detail departed. A Hartford Police 'Faith Based Officer' stayed in the immediate area to ensure the safety and security of the demonstrators.
There were no reported injuries.

Arrested: Janee Woods-Weber (8/24/76), 775 Mountain Road, West Hartford, CT
Arrested: Vanessa Gonzalez (4/29/75), 24 Battle Street, West Hartford, CT
Arrested: Catherine Rion (12/22/76), 203 South Highland Street, West Hartford, CT
Arrested: Alan Bedford (6/17/40), 25 Cliffside Drive, Manchester, CT
Arrested: Susan McMillen (11/15/45), 611 Goose Lane, Coventry, CT
Arrested: Virginia McDaniel (1/18/55), 108 Greenwood Road, Granby, CT
Arrested: Joan Macomber (12/17/48), 50 Elm Street, South Windsor, CT
Arrested: Pamela Selder (8/5/62), 44 Chapman Street, Hartford, CT
Arrested: Christine Joyner (5/6/47), 450 East Center Street, Manchester, CT
Arrested: Maura Hallisey (9/11/91), 60 Drummer Lane, Wethersfield, CT
Arrested: Arthur Miller (7/20/45), 24 Meadowwash Drive, Windsor, CT
Arrested: Jason Fredlund (7/14/85), 252 South Whitney Street, Hartford, CT
All were charged with Disorderly Conduct, Section 53a-182, and referred to Community Court.

Arrest at the Corner Grinder

On October 4, 2015, at 10:18pm, a Hartford Police Department Patrol Officer was patrolling the area near the Corner Grinder Shop (200 Franklin Ave.) due to recent burglaries. The HPD Patrol Officer observed a male walking away from the rear of the restaurant dressed in all black, with a hood pulled tightly around his face and unsuccessfully attempting to conceal a large pair of bolt cutters. The restaurant was darkened and closed. The Patrol Officer watched as the suspect continued towards a nearby construction site. During the investigation, Officers approached the suspect. The suspect was in possession of nine dollars in rolled coins, a cash register key and a Boar's Head pencil. The bolt cutters were found tossed in the grass near the suspect. Further investigation revealed that an alarm had been activated at Corner Grinder. At the restaurant, a rear door was found open and the bars on a rear window were forced apart indicating an active break-in. Restaurant management were called and arrived to provided an inventory of the missing items. The items reported missing by restaurant management matched the items found with the suspect. The suspect was also identified as a former employee. HPD South District Burglary detectives will follow up the investigation.

Accused: Torres-Fernandez, Carlos - 5/15/67 - 77 Franklin Ave., Hartford, CT
1. Burglary 3rd (53a-103)
2. Possession of Burglary Tools (53a-107)
3. Larceny 6th (53a-125b)
4. Criminal Mischief 2nd (53a-116)

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