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HPD Officer Lends a Helping Hand

Good Afternoon Chief Rovella,

In a day and age when people are quick to see the police at their worst, I thought you might want to see one of your officers at their best.

I am not sure who the officer was but I was walking down Broad Street at about 9:45 this morning and snapped this photo. When I see stories on line of Police officers buying boots for homeless people or car seats I often wonder if it is not staged for PR but it is hard to argue with watching an on duty officer changing a tire for someone. This officer clearly went above and beyond and thought you would like to know.

Steven Hotchkiss



Officer Recognition

From: Lemke, Eric
Sent: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 9:14 PM
To: Rovella, James
Subject: Officer Maritza Brannick

Dear Chief Rovella,

I am writing you to acknowledge, what I feel, is Officer Maritza Brannick's recent exemplary service during the search for a suicidal subject.

On August 8, 2014, myself and Officer Brannick were dispatched to look for a suicidal male that was last seen looking "for a tall bridge", presumably to jump from. I located the subject on the Westbound I-84 entrance ramp from West Blvd, and observed that the male subject was standing next to the jersey wall on the west side of the overpass, approximately fifty feet over the parking lot of an office building on Capitol Avenue. After I blocked the ramp, I exited my cruiser and attempted to speak with the subject, who was crying and extremely distraught. The more I talked to the subject while attempting to move closer, the subject actually began to climb onto the jersey wall, stating that he wanted to be left alone and die. I immediately backed up and took a point of observation from the side of my cruiser, and the subject climbed off of the jersey wall, while maintaining a dialogue.

Upon the arrival of Officer Brannick, the subject immediately calmed, and began a dialogue with her which lasted approximately ten minutes. During Officer Brannick's conversation with the subject, he kept repeating that he wished to kill himself because nobody was helping him, and he felt that this was his only option. Officer Brannick was eventually able to gain the subjects confidence enough to approach him and walk him back to the safety of our cruisers, but not before the subject trusted Officer Brannick enough to give her his cell phone to talk with his wife.

In my 19 years in law enforcement, the times we see that actually have an immediate positive impact of a subjects life, are getting far and few between, and police are more often criticized for their actions. What I witnessed Officer Brannick do to save this persons life, made me proud to be a Hartford Police Officer. I only wish the general public could see just how dangerous this situation was for Officer Brannick, as seen in the recent past, the subject could have pulled her off of the bridge with him if he had made the decision to jump.

Officer Brannick performed her duties with selfless professionalism, and was able to assist the subject to get the mental health assistance he so desperately needed. I have worked with Officer Brannick on many tours of duty since this incident, and it never ceases to impress me how compassionate and professional she is, even during the most stressful of calls.

Thank You,

Officer Eric R. Lemke

Officer Eric Lemke
Patrol Division
Hartford Police Department
253 High Street
Hartford, CT 06103

September 26, 2014 Arrest

On September 26, 2014 at 8:54pm Hartford Police Department Patrol Officers and South Conditions Officers responded to the area of Wyllys Street in response to a 911 citizen complaint of shots fired. The citizen caller provided a detailed description of the suspect and stated he was seated in a vehicle near 137 Wyllys St. Responding Patrol Officers observed a suspect fitting the description at that location. When the suspect noticed the approaching officers, he fled on foot. The suspect was unable to out run the officers and was apprehended by South Conditions Officers in the area of 15 Patsy Williams Way. Members of the Shooting Task Force responded to assist with the follow up investigation. A subsequent on scene investigation led to the recovery of the Charter Arms Corp .38 SPL Revolver containing five spent shell casings and 28 bags of heroin. An extensive canvass of the area was conducted yielding no victims, and/or further evidence.

Arrested: Gabriel Ramos, 24 of Hartford, CT (Convicted Felon)
1. Possession Narcotics
2. PWITS Narcotics
3. PWITS Narcotics School Zone
4. Interfering with Police
5. Carrying Pistol w/out a Permit
6. Weapons in a M.V.
7. Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm
8. Reckless Endangerment
9. Criminal Possession of a Firearm

14-31792 09292014

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