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Police Department

Narcotics Arrest on Babcock Street

On November 2, 2015, Hartford Police Department Officers with the Central Conditions Unit obtained and developed information through an active Central District investigation, that individuals were manufacturing and selling narcotics from the third floor apartment of 24 Babcock Street. CCU Officers, with the assistance of Vice & Narcotics Detectives, were able to obtain a search warrant for the apartment. CCU Officers, Vice & Narcotics Detectives, North District CSO's, and the Hartford ERT Team served the warrant at 8:45pm.
During a search of the buildings interior, a firearm, marijuana, heroin, crack cocaine, packaging material, various prescription pills, U.S. Currency and paraphernalia used for the processing, packaging and sale of narcotics were recovered. Five people were placed under arrest for various narcotics related charges.

Edwin Santiago, 54, of 24 Babcock Street 1st floor
CHARGES: Possession Narcotics and Possession controlled substance

Narenda Adams, 34, of 24 Babcock Street 2nd floor
CHARGES: Possession Narcotics and Possession Narcotics 1500 feet

Mcarther Coleman, 26, of 24 Babcock Street 3rd floor
CHARGES: Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics, Possession 1500 feet, PWITS 1500 feet, Drug factory, Possession controlled substance 4oz, PWITS controlled substance.

Naeem Adams, 25, of 24 Babcock Street 3rd floor
CHARGES: Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics, Possession 1500 feet, PWITS 1500 feet, Drug factory, Possession controlled substance 4oz, PWITS controlled substance.

Armando Velazquez, 44, NCA (In-House Narcotics Warrant)

Firearm ( Colt 1911 .45 caliber)
Heroin (2.7 ounces)

Crack (1.5 grams)

Marijuana (3.5 ounces)
Suboxone (31 packets)
Packaging material
Various prescription pills

$701 dollars U.S. Currency

Paraphernalia used for the processing/manufacturing of narcotics

Narco OP

Arrest Near School

On October 27, 2015, at 9pm, Hartford Police Department Patrol Officers and Hartford Shooting Task Force Investigators responded to the area of 1670 Main Street, the Sands Housing Complex, for a report of a male suspect with a firearm. Patrol Officers staged on the perimeter of the area while the Hartford STF entered the area covertly. Hartford STF Investigators observed a suspect matching the description on the north side of the housing complex near Main Street. As STF Investigators approached the male suspect, he immediately ran away while clutching his waistband. A foot chase ensued. Hartford STF Investigators pursued the suspect east and then north through the basketball courts. Due to a perimeter already established by HPD Patrol Officers, the suspect was apprehended in the school basketball court area. At this point, the suspect was no longer clutching his waistband, and no longer had a firearm. Given the immediate proximity of the S.A.N.D Elementary School grounds, and immediate canvass was conducted.

During the canvass along the foot chase path of travel, a HPD Patrol Officer, located the firearm discarded by the suspect along the wooded fence line between the Sands Housing Complex and the S.A.N.D Elementary School grounds. The firearm seized was a loaded Smith & Wesson, Model SW40E, .40 Caliber Pistol, with a chambered live round and magazine containing nine (9) .40 caliber live rounds. The serial number on the pistol was obliterated.

The suspect was identified as Accused Iran Harris (convicted felon with 33 previous arrests in Hartford) On Harris' person, eleven (11) bags of suspected heroin was located and seized.

Arrest; Harris, Iran, 27, of Hartford, CT. Convicted Felon, with 33 Previous Hartford Arrests.

Interfering w/ Police, Carrying a Pistol w/o a Permit, Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Weapon on School Grounds, Possession of High Capacity Magazine, Obliterated Serial Number, Criminal Trespass 3rd, Possession Narcotics, PWITS Narcotics and PWITS 1500 feet of School.

Picture of gun available on Twitter @LtFoley

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Hartford Police Department
Public Safety Complex
253 High Street
Hartford CT, 06103

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