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Mayor Segarra Announces Final Approval Of $5 Million Dollar Grant For Construction Of New Apartment Units At The Historic Colt Gateway

(October 24, 2013) - Today, Mayor Segarra announced the construction of new apartments in the historic Colt Gateway, the result of significant investment by the City of Hartford. Last week, Mayor Segarra signed the contract to finalize $5 million in bond funds for 79 new units in the South Armory.

The Colt Gateway, commonly referred to as “Coltsville,” was the home of Samuel and Elizabeth and the site of the Colt Factory where the nation’s first revolver was manufactured. It is now a mixed-use complex that includes apartments, businesses and educational institutions. The new apartments will offer unobstructed views of the City, Colt Park and The Connecticut River. They are slated for completion in October 2014.

“This is a defining investment for the Capital City,” said Mayor Segarra. “Coltsville is Hartford’s biggest landmark and one of the most significant in the State. Its success serves as an anchor for Hartford’s future development. Adding these 79 units will make Coltsville financially viable to investors and attractive to tenants. This is another critical step forward for our City.”

Since last year Coltsville has added two new tenants; Foley Carrier Services who relocated from Glastonbury and Café Colt opened by celebrity restaurant owner Chef Harry. CREC Schools, the largest existing tenant also expanded their facilities this year.

Coltsville was named a National Historic Landmark in 2008, an initiative spearheaded by Congressman John B. Larson. The State’s congressional delegation is currently promoting a bill that would designate the complex as a National Historic Park. Recently, Mayor Segarra joined Congressman Larson in Washington D.C. to testify before Congress in favor of the bill.

“Recent growth at Coltsville has continued to bridge new residents and businesses in Hartford with our history of innovation and manufacturing here in Connecticut,” said Larson. “As a vehicle for future investment, this construction will strengthen our work to bring federal resources crucial to preserving Coltsville. I applaud Mayor Segarra and the City of Hartford for their efforts and look forward to seeing further development at Coltsville.”

“I applaud the City of Hartford for their continued efforts to preserve the historic legacy of the Coltsville complex,” stated Senator Richard Blumenthal. “This latest investment in housing will attract new vitality to the site, strengthening existing investments and further solidifying Coltsville’s role as an economic engine for the City and region. I will continue to work with members of the Connecticut delegation to seek a National Historic Park designation for Coltsville to attract additional federal aid to ensure that this important piece of our state’s history remains accessible for generations to come.”
Last year the State of CT DECD contributed over $1 million to replace the roof in the East Armory where the iconic blue dome sits. Repairs to the building are critical to the area being designated a National Historic Park.”

The City of Hartford has contributed over $7 million dollars to the project including $2 million for neighborhood streetscapes. The Coalition for Strengthening of Sheldon Oaks/Charter Oak Neighborhood (CSS/CON) a local community group was heavily involved in the process and pushed for the approval of the bond funding and national park recognition.

“We are truly thrilled with the release of this $5 million grant for the continued development of the Colt complex,” stated Lynn Ferrari President of CSS/CON. “CSS/CON has been working alongside Colt developers for many years, and finally our dreams are being realized.”

Bernadine Silver of CSS/CON added, “These City dollars will complete the development of the South Armory, more than double the current residential component, and provide overall financial sustainability for the project.”

“When we took control as the managing partner of the Colt Gateway development in August of 2010, we sat down with the City of Hartford, Congressman Larson’s Office, and the State of Connecticut to put together a plan to save and complete this historic project,” said developer Larry Dooley. “The City of Hartford Development Services Department, led by Mayor Segarra had the foresight and expertise to understand the complexities of this project and put forth an assistance agreement that has been the catalyst for millions of dollars of private sector investment. I am proud to be a part of this historic project and I applaud all the partners for their exceptional efforts to continue to preserve our history and make this project a success.”

Chef Harry commented, “This monumental site brought us to Hartford. We are very grateful to Mayor Segarra, the City of Hartford, State of CT and Larry Dooley. This means more people will be able to live, work and learn in this unique environment.”

“My desire to honor the Colt legacy is no secret. It’s part of Hartford’s history. It’s a project that many people are passionate about and I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made in the last two years,” said Mayor Segarra.


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