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Mayor Segarra, Department of Public Works Introduce New Storm Preparedness Policies and Procedures

(November 7, 2013) Today, Mayor Segarra and Director of Public Works Keith Chapman introduced new policies and procedures to better prepare the City of Hartford for severe weather and snow storms. Changes include a complete reorganization of City snow routes, a new GPS tracking system for trucks and plows and staff training for Department of Public Works (DPW) employees.

The number of plow routes was decreased from twenty seven to twenty four, broken up into six separate districts. Each district now is assigned 4 plow trucks and 4 trained drivers, as well a supervisor, to assure adequate coverage throughout the City. All DPW drivers participated in two full day Saturday trainings where they practiced hands on driving and were tested on knowledge of their route and overall capabilities. A map of the new routes can be seen here:

A new GPS tracking system has been implemented for all trucks to allow improved monitoring of streets that have been plowed. Moving forward, all major arteries or “A” routes will be salted 24-48 hours in advance of a storm and every side street salted up to 4 hours prior to the commencement of a storm. Parking Bans will be strictly enforced by both DPW and the Hartford Police Department.

“We’ve learned from the major storms over the last two years,” stated Mayor Segarra. “We need to be better prepared for the severe weather we know is imminent. Over 65,000 people come here to work every day and we have two of the largest hospitals in the region. I want our residents and anyone who commutes to the Capital City to know that all our streets will be open for emergencies at all times.”

Keith Chapman added “One of the first tasks the Mayor requested was to examine our storm preparedness procedures in order to make critical improvements. These adjustments will provide a solid foundation and allow us to continue making improvements along the way.”

Mayor Segarra has requested a full Emergency Operations run through in the next two weeks to test the new procedures and Emergency Services equipment. 


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