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(March 19, 2015) Today, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra announced that he will co-chair the National League of Cities (NLC) 2016 Presidential Election Task Force, charged with raising the visibility of issues that are important to cities during the presidential election cycle. The bipartisan task force will educate candidates and campaign staff on what cities expect from a new administration, highlight the types of federal partnerships that will help cities thrive and position the NLC as the go-to resource on city issues. Mayor Segarra joins 16 other city officials and state municipal league executive directors on the task force.  The selection was announced earlier this month at the 50th Annual Congressional City Conference, where 2,000 city officials and delegates convened to advocate for city priorities in Congress and the administration.

“Cities drive the majority of economic activity in our country. Ensuring the financial health and stability of Hartford, along with the education and success of our young people, helps advance the city and the surrounding region. Shining a light on the needs of Hartford and other urban areas during the upcoming presidential election and seeing that those needs are met will propel the country forward,” said Mayor Segarra. “It’s an honor to have been chosen to be a part of this important call to action.”

Ralph Becker, President of the National League of Cities and mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah, said more than 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas.

“It is imperative that the issues cities face be at the forefront in the 2016 presidential election. Our goal is to ensure that future Administrations understand the needs of America’s cities and support the policies and partnerships that enable cities, and the nation, to grow and prosper,” Becker said.

The 2016 Presidential Election Task Force will lead NLC’s participation at national political conventions and in the transition to the next administration.  For a full list of task force members visit:


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