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(March 23, 2015) Mayor Pedro E. Segarra announced that the City of Hartford will join more than 180 cities across the nation, including five other Connecticut municipalities, in a challenge by U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to make their streets safer and more convenient for pedestrians and bicyclists over the next year.  The “Safer People, Safer Streets” challenge commits mayors and elected officials to improve walking and biking safety through several methods, including identifying barriers, tracking biking and walking trends, incorporating biking and walking facilities in long term transportation projects and strengthening safety laws and regulations.

“Ensuring our community has access to safer streets and trails for biking and walking is a must. This encourages a healthy lifestyle and promotes a cleaner environment.  Whether someone is unable to drive due to a disability or chooses to commute to work on a bicycle, our City should provide safe places for them to get around,” said Mayor Segarra. “With the community’s help, this should be a success. I look forward to hearing feedback.”

Joshua LaPorte, a member of Transport Hartford, a community group focused on improving bicycling, walking and public transportation infrastructure in the City, said "In every Hartford neighborhood there are countless residents who do not drive, and they deserve safe and convenient transportation options throughout the year.”

“Transport Hartford looks forward to collaborating to plan and effect improvements to the city's infrastructure.  We believe it is vitally important to fully implement high-impact, low-cost projects such as the bike route component of the parks master plan.  We also count on enhanced coordination of street construction to minimize safety issues for pedestrians and cyclists,” said LaPorte.

Mayor Segarra stressed the health benefits of promoting bicycling and walking in the City. A study conducted in 2012 by the University of Connecticut’s Center for Public Health and Health Policy found that 37% of preschool children in Hartford were overweight or obese, over half of which were classified as obese. The prevalence of childhood obesity among preschoolers was twice as high as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended guidelines. Also, it is estimated that about 20% of Hartford adults had asthma. According to the Department of Public Health Asthma Surveillance Report in 2012, the City had the highest rate of emergency room visits and the second highest hospitalization rate due to asthma in Connecticut.

“Safer People, Safer Streets” also aims to reverse a rise in pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities. Data from U.S. Department of Transportation show that pedestrian and bicycle injuries and fatalities have increased since 2009. In a recent study conducted by the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG), between 1995 and 2010, bicyclist and pedestrian crashes represented less than three percent of all crashes; however, these crashes represented more than 17 percent of all traffic fatalities.

The challenge kicks off this month and the City will spend the next year identifying and implementing safety measures. 

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