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(March 31, 2015) Today, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra, Council President Shawn T. Wooden and Councilwoman Cynthia R. Jennings announced the launch of, a website spearheaded by the Hartford Hires Task Force to connect residents with employment in the City and to help contractors and employers comply with labor or community benefits agreements. is currently being used to develop a database of residents who are looking for work. The database will be shared with contractors on public and private development projects in Hartford, as well as other potential employers. Residents of any profession, trade or skillset are encouraged to register on the website.  They will be asked to provide a Hartford address, work experience and specialized training and to list any permits or licenses. 

“This is about getting Hartford residents back to work and ensuring that they benefit from current and future development that comes to the City. This contributes to the economic health of Hartford families, the City and the state,” said Mayor Segarra. “I want to thank members of the Hartford Hires Task Force, as well as Councilwoman Jennings, for their efforts in helping Hartford residents find jobs.”

The Hartford Hires Task Force was established by the City Council in April of 2014, with leadership from Councilwoman Jennings, to assure that Hartford residents are given employment opportunities and to recommend programs designed to employ Hartford residents.

“Reducing unemployment in our City and creating economic opportunities for our residents are high priorities for the City Council,” said Council President Wooden. “The creation of the Hartford Hires Task Force is just one of a number of initiatives we have undertaken to accomplish these goals.”

“When Hartford residents work, they buy cars and homes in Hartford, and they pay property taxes that go directly towards paying for services that the City provides to our residents and businesses,” said Councilwoman Jennings. “Instead of depending on assistance from the city and state, working residents contribute toward paying for City services. The state benefits even more from working Hartford residents in the form of income taxes. This means lower taxes for all Connecticut residents. Putting Hartford residents to work is good for Hartford and it is good for Connecticut. "

Hilton Hartford Hotel, which strives to hire over 50 percent of Hartford residents under a first source hiring agreement with the City, would benefit from access to the database, said Deb Kapchus, director of human resources at Hilton Hartford.

“This would be a great benefit to me when I source people for open positions. The Hilton is proud of its long tradition of offering jobs to the citizens of Hartford and I look forward to working with the City as it develops this great resource,” Kapchus said.

A tab on the top right hand corner of offers users the option of translating the website into multiple languages. Additional features, including a job search function for residents and candidate search for employers, will be added in the future. Any companies or businesses interested in posting available positions on are asked to call Hartford Hires Task Force Chairman Eloy Toppin at (860)757-9788 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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