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Hartford Fire Department Recognized for Professional Accomplishments

(March 27, 2012) --- Hartford Fire Chief Edward Casares today announced that Capt. James McLoughlin has received the distinguished credential of Fire Officer through the Center for Public Safety Excellence. In addition, Lt. Mark Horan has been certified by the Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP).

McLoughlin, who serves as the Department's Executive Officer and Public Information Officer, is the first Fire Officer in the State of Connecticut and one of only 87 in the country to receive the credential. Fire personnel who seek the Fire Officer designation must earn a minimum of 100 points in education and experience to submit an application, which consists of seven components. These components include: personal employment, letters of reference, professional development, contributions and memberships, technical competencies and a certification statement.

Horan, who serves as the Department's Employee Assistance Program and Ryan White Officer, was certified by the LAP, an international labor-based organization, after completing two years as a professional EAP coordinator, 24 hours of continuing education units, mentoring sessions and the successful passage of the examination.

"The accomplishments of Capt. McLoughlin and Lt. Horan are exemplary, and reflect the collective dedication to excellence by all personnel of the Hartford Fire Department," Chief Casares said.

The Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE), which offers the Fire Officer credential, provides training and career resource information. It also supports and encourages agencies and personnel to meet international performance standards through its programs and the work of two Commissions: the Commission on Fire Accreditation International and the Commission on Professional Credentialing. Hartford's Assistant Fire Chief Reginald D. Freeman was appointed to the Commission on Professional Credentialing in 2010.

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