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(September 10, 2015) Today, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra announced that 22 raised vegetable gardens were built this summer at 12 early learning centers in the City through Little City Sprouts, a new program dedicated to teaching children how to grow their own vegetables and develop healthy eating habits.  The program was created through a partnership between the Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation, the National Recreation and Park Association, Hartford Food System, and CBS Radio. Funding has come from several sponsors, including Price Chopper Supermarkets, Balise Auto Group, AAA Insurance and Apple Auto Wholesalers, who have contributed tremendous support for the program.

“Urban agriculture has been growing in Hartford, giving more and more residents access to healthy, affordable foods. I’m grateful to the NRPA, all the partners and the sponsors for extending this opportunity to our children, helping them take nutrition into their own hands at an early age,” said Mayor Segarra.

Little City Sprouts is part of ongoing effort by the City to address childhood obesity. In a 2012 study of childhood obesity in Hartford, one-third of Hartford preschoolers who were surveyed were classified as overweight or obese. The centers participating in Little City Sprouts are:


Crayons and Numbers Day Care 

Hartford Neighborhood Centers 

Pride and Joy Learning Academy 

Capitol Child Development Center

City of Hartford’s Hyland Early Learning Center 

City of Hartford’s Asylum Hill Early Learning Center

Trinity College Community Child Center

Salvation Army Learning Center

Women’s League Child Development Center

Pequenin Children’s Multicultural Readiness Academy

Catholic Charities: Saint Cyril Preschool

Village Early Childhood Learning Center



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