Today, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra ordered the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) status elevated to Monitoring related to the potential impact of Hurricane Joaquin. The EOC is currently monitoring the storm and is prepared to elevate to partial or full activation depending on Hurricane Joaquin’s trajectory.

“All necessary preparation and precautions are currently being taken by City departments to ensure we are prepared to handle whatever Hurricane Joaquin may bring our way,” said Mayor Segarra.

Below are some tips on how residents and businesses should prepare for the potential impacts of Hurricane Joaquin:

Before the storm event: 

·         Stay tuned to radio or TV for updates.

·         Have batteries for radio and flashlights.

·         Shutter or board windows in your home.

·         Secure outdoor objects, such as trash bins or lawn chairs, or bring them inside.

·         Stock up on food and water in case you must take shelter in your home.

·         Refill any necessary medications or medical supplies.

·         Fuel up your car in case you need to evacuate.

·         Turn off utilities at the main valves or switches if instructed.

For more detailed information on how to prepare for a storm event such as Hurricane Joaquin, visit: