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2009 Press Releases

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December 2009

12/29/09 Curbside Recycling Collection for Christmas Trees News Release

12/29/09 First Night Hartford   News Release

12/23/09 H1N1 vaccine available for city employees and others on Jan. 5th Advisory

12/23/09 FY10-11 Budget Overview Presentation   Photo from presentation

12/20/09 Level 2 Parking Ban is declared in the City of Hartford

12/17/09 Holiday Message 2009

12/15/09 Temporary Water Shut Off: Main St. at Rosemont Notice

12/15/09 Temporary Closure - Front Street District Notice

12/15/09 Temporary Water Shut Off: Tower Ave. Notice

12/15/09 Temporary Water Shut Off: Liberty Street Notice

12/11/09 4 Hartford Schools named among America's best Statement

12/10/09 Unthinkable Choices: Hartford Leaders say repercussions of proposed mid-year
               cut in municipal aid would be severe News Release  Final Charts

               Due to the snow emergency, the H1N1 flu vaccine clinic that was originally
               scheduled to take place this afternoon, Dec. 9, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the
               Sanchez Elementary School has been canceled. The school is located at 176
               Babcock St. in Hartford.

               All Hartford Public Schools will be closed today, Wednesday, Dec. 9, due to a
               snow emergency.

12/09/09 One City One Plan: Promote and Encourage Integration of Sustainable Practices
               News Release

12/08/09 Call for one Hartford Statement

12/08/09 No Freeze Shelter Statement

12/04/09 Temporary Closure - Front Street Notice

12/04/09 Statement on the Passing of Mike Fallon News Release

12/04/09 Enjoy Hartford for the Holidays News Release

12/02/09 City Government Working For You!

12/02/09 One City One Plan: Downtown's role as Region's Core News Release

12/01/09 Mayor and Burns Academy of Latino Studies Featured in National Publication                News Release Hispanic Outlook

November 2009

11/20/09 One City, One Plan Enhance Mobility Through Transit, Pedestrian & Bike
               Systems City-Wide News Release

11/20/09 Mayor Perez names City's first Latino Fire Chief News Release

11/20/09 Hartford Fire Chief to Retire News Release

11/19/09 Hartford: Spurring Economic Development to Position Our Future Growth

11/19/09 Mayor congratulates 3 city hospitals for going tobacco free News Release

11/18/09 Discount Prescription Drug Card News Release

11/16/09 One City, One Plan - Promote City’s Natural and Built Environment
               News Release

11/13/09 Temporary Lane Closure - Arch Street Notice

11/12/09 One City One Plan News Release

11/10/09 City of Hartford/CRCOG/HUB Steering Committee News Advisory

11/10/09 City of Hartford/CRCOG/Hub Steering Committee newsletter

11/10/09 Temporary Closure- Front Street District Notice

11/06/09 You are invited to the CT Veterans Day Parade   Parade Map

11/03/09 Irving St. Temporary Water Shut Off Notice

11/03/09 Rosemont St. Temporary Water Shut Off Notice

October 2009

10/31/09 OneCityOnePlan Theme Panel Flyer

10/27/09 MDC Warns Of Suspected Imposter News Release

10/27/09 Hartford goes green by saving green News Release

10/26/09 Asylum St Road Closure News Release

10/26/09 Keith Carr Celebration News Release

10/26/09 Addison St. Temporary Water Shut Off Notice

10/23/09 Mayor names Susan Mcmullen chief of staff News Release

10/21/09 Hartford Expands Single-Stream Recycling English   Spanish

10/19/09 Registars of Voters Office Announcement

10/15/09 Hartford Commission on Disablity Issues Advisory

10/15/09 Fall 2009 Recycling Collection Schedule for Leaves Notice

10/13/09 Temporary Water Shut off for Magnolia Street Notice

10/10/09 City Of Hartford Holds Seasonal Flu Clinic Press Release  Flyer

10/09/09 Road closures due to Hartford Marathon Traffic Advisory

10/07/09 Burton Street Temporary Water Shut Off Notice

10/06/09 Breast Cancer Awareness Month Press Release

10/06/09 Temporary Water Shut off for Ashford Street Notice

10/05/09 Temporary Water Shut off for Sigourney St

September 2009

09/30/09 Hartford is ready to stand up and be counted in 2010 Census News Release

09/28/09 New Town and City Clerk News Release

09/25/09 Yom Kippur begins at sundown on sunday News Release

09/24/09 Special Registration Sessions Public Notice

09/23/09 Registrars of Voters Public Notice

09/23/09 City Of Hartford Finances Make The Grade News Release

09/21/09 This weekend is another Destination Hartford weekend! News Release

09/21/09 U.S Census 2010 Event Press Release

09/21/09 Notice of Road Construction Press Release

09/18/09 Rosh Hashanah News Release

09/16/09 Permanent Commission on the Status of Hartford Women 1st Annual Women’s
               Day Festival and Fair News Release

09/15/09 National Hispanic Heritage Month News Release

09/14/09 CAPER Year Four Public Notice

09/11/09 Vaccinate Against Seasonal Flu

09/11/09 Statement on passing of Dan Carey

09/11/09 Patriot Day Message News Release

09/09/09 Hartford Scores big as college town Community Statement

09/08/09 Setting Higher Reading Goals as part of International Literacy Day News Release

09/02/09 Garden Street Closure Press Release

August 2009

08/31/09 Legal Notice of Lottery News Release

08/28/09 Healthy Families event this Saturday Press Release  Flyer

08/26/09 Building A Better North Hartford News Release

08/26/09 Mayor Perez's statement on the passing of Senator Kennedy. City of Hartford
               flags to fly half staff. News Statement

08/25/09 2009 Breastfeeding Event News Release

08/21/09 Hartford gets big Energy Grant News Release

08/20/09 City Summer Lunch Program Extended Press Release

08/18/09 STRESS—OUT!! Rescheduled Healthy Communities Event is part of Healthy
               Hartford Campaign Press Release

08/18/09 Healthy Reminder For A Healthier (And Cooler) Hartford Press Release

08/18/09 Mark Twain Drive Parking Ban Press Release

08/14/09 Staff Change Announced at Mayor's Office Press Release

08/07/09 Women's Commission WOMEN'S DAY FAIR Press Release

08/07/09 Asylum St. Road Closure Press Release

08/06/09 Mayor Perez congratulates first hispanic named to the U.S. Supreme Court
               News Statement

08/03/09 Mark Twain Drive Road Closure Press Release

July 2009

07/31/09 Firehouse/Co.14 Renovation Press Release

07/29/09 Parking Ban (Mark Twain Drive) Press Release

07/28/09 Federal Stimulus money funds Hartford Police News Release

07/28/09 Hartford Public Schools -- Test Scores Rise for Second Straight Year
               English   Spanish

07/24/09 West Nile Virus: City of Hartford using larvicide technique News Release

07/23/09 Healthy Hartford Campaign focuses on Seniors News Release

07/22/09 Mayor Perez disappointed by Council vote denying residents ability to vote on
               reform News Release

07/21/09 Turning Around the Bottom Five Percent

07/21/09 Youth Summit Press Release

07/21/09 Nominating Petition Announcement

07/17/09 Tax office offering extended hours News Release

07/17/09 Hartford's anti-blight ordinance just got tougher News Release

07/16/09 Walk to School Press Release English   Spanish

07/10/09 Hartford Public Schools on PBS Press Release

07/10/09 Healthy Seniors Event Press Release  Events

07/09/09 Bed Bug Solutions Community Forum Scheduled for July 15 Press Release

07/08/09 Letter to Courant Publisher from Mayor Perez and Chief Roberts

07/08/09 Republican Nominating Convention

07/06/09 Registrar of Voters-Special Meeting of the Democratic Town Committee’s
               Nominating Committee and Democratic Town Committee’s Board of Education
               Convention News Release

07/06/09 Farmers Markets Help Build A Healthy Hartford! News Release

07/06/09 The North End Farmer’s Market Returns! News Release

07/02/09 Arts Stimulus Dollars Mean Hartford Employment Opportunities News Release

June 2009

06/30/09 Hometown Heroes Saluted in National Yellow Ribbon Campaign
               News Release  Yellow Ribbon Campaign

06/30/09 Normal Waste Collection this Friday

06/29/09 3rd Annual Caribbean American Celebration News Advisory

06/26/09 Arts and Heritage Stimulus Grants News Release

06/26/09 Hartford Business Improvement District gets a resounding YES vote
               News Statement

06/25/09 Mayor thanks Dodd, Lieberman, and Larson for supporting Public Safety Complex                News Release

06/24/09 Mayor calls special meeting of City Council to ratify Union concession packages                News Release

06/23/09 Raising of the Pride Flag News Release

06/18/09 Healthy Communities Event scheduled for Friday, June 19th has been postponed                News Release

06/17/09 Healthy Communities Event this Friday. News Release
               Healthy Communities Flyer English  Spanish

06/15/09 "Unity And Resepct" Open House Planned For LGBTI Commission News Release

06/15/09 Mayor names Development Director to new post News Release

06/12/09 Hometown Hero Presents Mayor And City Of Hartford With American Flag
               News Release

06/12/09 Mayor Perez Praises Decisive Action By Dcp -- Suspends Liquor Permit Of
               The Mansion Nightclub News Statement

06/11/09 Digital TV change over is Friday, June 12th! News Release

06/11/09 Year Five Annual Action Plan Public Notice News Release

06/08/09 Mayor Calls On State To Strengthen Supervision Of Those On Probation And
               Parole News Release

06/08/09 HFD grant News Release

06/05/09 Turning Green Actions Into Green Savings. Greenup Hartford! News Release

06/05/09 Reminder of Destination Hartford Weekends. Staycationers Welcome!
               News Release

06/04/09 Mayor Perez praises Hartford Fire Union for Voting on Concessions
               News Release

06/01/09 Mayor Perez's statement on the passing of former Republican Registrar of
               Voters Joe DeLorenzo News Statement

May 2009

05/31/09 City of Hartford passes compromise budget News Release

05/30/09 Budget Clock is ticking. Mayor Urges Council to Pass Compromise Budget at
               Special Meeting on Sunday News Release

05/29/09 Mayor urges residents to tell Council to pass budget News Release

05/29/09 Mayor Calls Council Back into Session to Pass Budget News Release

05/26/09 Mayor Perez applauds President's choice for U.S. Supreme Court
               News Statement

05/22/09 Mayor rejects cuts to Police, Jobs, and Education News Release

05/21/09 Destination Hartford Complements Connecticut Staycation Efforts News Release

05/20/09 Public Safety Complex Construction Update News Release

05/13/09 Rent Rebate Information News Release

05/12/09 Statement on passing of Angel Arce Torres

05/11/09 Healthy Women, Beautiful Women: First event of Healthy Hartford Wellness
               Campaign News Release

05/11/09 Mayor Perez wants Hartford to be on the Rail Stimulus Train Ride to Recovery
               News Release

05/08/09 Update News Release

05/07/09 Healthy Hartford Wellness Campaign News Release   Did You Know

05/04/09 World Asthma Day is Tuesday, May 6th News Release

05/01/09 ArtWalk Gallery at Hartford Library Opens With Chet Kympczynski
               Hartford Courant

05/01/09 Public Advisory on Swine Flu  Swine Flu PSA in English

April 2009

04/29/09 Arts Stimulus Update News Release

04/29/09 City of Hartford Update on Swine Flu English  Spanish  Swine Flu PSA in English

04/29/09 FAQ’s City Of Hartford Proposed Budget FY’09-‘10 News Release

04/28/09 Swine Flu information News Release

04/27/09 Water Boil Alert is Over News Release

04/27/09 Homelessness Prevention Hearing Public Notice

04/27/09 Substantial Amendment to the Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan for the
               Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) Public Notice

04/27/09 Boil Water Notice Continues throughout the weekend News Release

04/24/09 City of Hartford Guidelines on Drinking Water News Release

04/23/09 Mayor Perez Statement On Passing Of Carl Dudley Statement

04/23/09 MDC Continues Drinking Water Testing And Sampling For Others News Release

04/23/09 Boil Drinking Water Precaution still in effect from the MDC News Advisory

04/22/09 Hartford Compost English   Spanish

04/22/09 Scholarship opportunity for CCC students/Hartford Residents Press Release

04/20/09 Mayor and City of Hartford say thank you for such a wonderful parade!

04/20/09 Mayor Perez proposes flat budget for FY 09-10 News Release

04/20/09 Earth Week in Hartford News Release

04/17/09 Hartford Named Tree City Usa For 15th Year! News Release

04/17/09 Days of Remembrance in the City of Hartford News Release

04/16/09 Honoring Mayor Mike News Release  Ceremony Program

04/15/09 Hartford receives recognition from National Health Magazine News Release

04/15/09 311 reaches new milestone News Release

04/14/09 Job creation at Capital Prep Construction site News Release

04/13/09 Hartford Commission on Disability Issues Press Release

04/08/09 Fair Housing Month Press Release

04/07/09 Regional Leaders meet to discuss progress in ending Chronic Homelessness
               News Release

04/07/09 Job One: Create Jobs. Mayor Perez tours Kinsella School Construction
               Site News Release

04/02/09 Acting DPW Director Named News Release

March 2009

03/31/09 Parole and Probation bill to go before General Assembly News Statement

03/31/09 Mayor Perez's statement on the passing of Brad Nitkin

03/30/09 Statement on jobs staying in Hartford News Statement

03/26/09 City of Hartford is enforcing the Noise Ordinance News Release  Flyer

03/26/09 City of Hartford signs Golf Course Lease News Release

03/25/09 Hartford's Commission on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren seeks new
               Commissioners Press Release

03/25/09 Asylum St Press Release

03/23/09 March 24th is World Tuberculosis (TB) Day Press Release

03/16/09 Women's Healthy Heart Day is March 31st Press Release

03/13/09 4th Annual Women's History Month Press Release

03/13/09 Construction Jobs at Community Center News Release

03/12/09 Mayor Perez statement on Commissioner McCarthy News Statement

03/12/09 The Hartford Office Of Cultural Affairs Announces Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort
                Apache Band News Release

03/11/09 City Of Hartford Sells Bonds At Favorable Rate News Release

03/10/09 Mayor Supports Acquisition of Hartford Insurer                --> News Statement  Letter

03/10/09 Mayor Announces Pay Reductions & Benefits Cuts for Non-Union City Employees
               News Release

03/09/09 Now is the Time for Bold Action Press Release  2009 State of the City

03/06/09 National Nutrition Month Press Release  Flyer

03/03/09 Traffic Advisory- 2009 03 02 Main Street

03/02/09 Level 2 Parking Ban is Declared in the City of Hartford News Release

February 2009

02/26/09 Settlement Agreement Reached in Living Wage Ordinance DisputeNews Release

02/24/09 City Leaders meet with Union Leaders News Statement

02/19/09 HUD Grant Helps Hartford News Statement

02/17/09 Hartford's Bond Rating Remains Strong Press Release

02/16/09 Mayor Perez announces changes in leadership on two city boards

02/13/09 Mayor Congratulates Travelers For Sponsoring Golf Championship Through 2014Press Release

02/13/09 It’s Official: Digital Television Transition Delayed Until June Press Release

02/12/09 Delayed Waste & Recyclables Curbside Collections Service Due to Lincoln's and Washington's Observed Holidays

02/05/09 Joint statement from Mayor Perez, Finch, and DeStefano

02/04/09 Mayor Perez featured in Career Book

02/02/09 Hartford’s Grand List Increases Slightly Despite Tough Economy Press Release

02/02/09 Digital Television transfer Flyer  News Release

January 2009

01/30/09 5th Annual Honoring Our Own News Release

01/27/09 Level 2 Parking Ban Is Declared In The City Of Hartford Starting Wednesday, Jan 28 Announcement

01/27/09 Mayor Perez's statement at news conference News Release

01/26/09 A Letter From Mayor Perez To Hartford's Children News Release

01/26/09 Mayor Perez Shares Hartford's Promise To WNPR Listeners News Release

01/22/09 Mayor submits local action plan to State for Neighborhood Stabilization Program News Release

01/21/09 Women's Healthy Heart event Flyer  News Release

01/21/09 Commission on Environment News Release

01/20/09 Congratulations President Obama! News Release

01/16/09 Mayor Perez honored to be an eyewitness to history! Many Hartford venueswill showcase MLK Day events and Inauguration Day events!

01/10/09 Mayor Perez meets with NHL Commissioner

01/13/09 Hartford Now English / Spanish

01/10/09 Level 2 Parking Ban

01/09/09 Community note: Crossroads Magazine

01/09/09 Mayor Perez and City of Hartford Featured in Leaders Magazine News Release

01/09/09 Year-end Crime Stats News Release

01/07/09 Remembering Mayor Mike: Calling hours today and funeral is tomorrow. Please read further for ceremonial details. News Release

01/06/09 Funeral arrangement update for Mayor Peters

01/05/09 Update in regards to passing of Mayor Mike

01/05/09 Curbside Collection Service for Christmas Trees News Release

01/05/09 Mayor Perez appoints City Finance Director News Release

01/05/09 Statement on the passing of former Mayor Mike Peters News Release

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