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Mayor Segarra & Council President Wooden Statements regarding Today's Budget Passage

(May 18, 2012) --- Following passage of an adopted Fiscal Year 2012-2013 budget, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra and Council President Shawn Wooden issued the following statements.

"As I have said many times before, this was the hardest budget that I have had to work on while Mayor, Council President or OMB Committee Chairman. When we began this process almost 5 months ago, we faced the daunting task of closing a $56 million deficit. Today I am proud to say that, working together – the Mayor's Office, City staff, City Council and the City Treasurer – we have adopted a budget that reduces spending, will reduce taxes for a majority of Hartford residents and investors, maintains our safety net for the most vulnerable residents, preserves critical investments in events and organizations that add character and vibrancy to Connecticut's Capital City, and continues the forward momentum that we have developed over the last 20 months since I became Mayor.

Like many large cities, we have unique structural and social challenges and my Administration is focused on modernizing and streamlining our government in ways that streamline operations and create greater efficiency. Continuing to improve our financial situation and tax structure is a long-term goal, and one that will continue beyond today. I look forward to working with the leaders of this great city to make that goal a reality."

"I'm proud of this Council's work to reduce the size of our city government and keep taxes under control. My colleagues and I worked collaboratively with the Mayor to make the tough choices necessary to protect the taxpayers of Hartford. I applaud everyone for their hard work in one of the most difficult budget years in memory. I would also like to thank the Mayor and his staff for their cooperation. This was a team effort, and I believe that the people of our city were well-served."

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