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Mayor Segarra Transmits Consensus Budget to Court of Common Council

(May 22, 2012) --- In a letter to City Council members, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra transmitted to the Town and City Clerk his approval of the financial and non-financial resolutions adopted by the City Council at their Friday, May 18, 2012 meeting. Mayor Segarra also released the following statement.

"I am pleased that, working with City Council members and the City Treasurer, we were able to reach a budget agreement that does exactly what residents and business owners have asked of their elected officials: reduced spending, a continued focus on investing in economic development and grand list growth, greater efficiency and more accountability. I am especially proud that this marks the fourth deficit budget that we have reconciled and balanced since I took office in June 2010. This budget also continues my commitment to improving our infrastructure and enhancing public safety.

I do, however, have a concern with the resolutions that require progressive furlough days based on salary. While I understand and appreciate the sentiment, I am troubled by the adverse impact that this type of policy would have on our city management systems. Instead, I intend to focus on payroll direct deposit and limit the impact of any and all furlough days."

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