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(November 15, 2012) –Mayor Pedro E. Segarra today released the following statement after the announcement that the City of Hartford’s Office of Management and Budget received the Distinguished Budget Award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Development of the Annual General Fund and Grants Budget for Fiscal Year 2010-2011 2011-2012. The award acknowledges Excellence in Financial Reporting Budget Preparation and Reporting in the United States and Canada.  

 “This is a high achievement and I am proud of our dedicated staff of professionals who work so hard for the residents and business owners in the Capital City.  They deserve this important recognition.  Under the leadership of Jose Sanchez, who has become a key member of my budget team, I have seen the Management and Budget staff grow as individuals and as a team.  Their analytical skills — analyzing trends, assessing opportunities and identifying areas of improvement — have become ever more important as we contend with growing programmatic and service needs and very limited resources," said Mayor Segarra.

 To receive the award, the FY2010-11 budget successfully met nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation and was assessed on how well it served it as (1) a policy document (2) a financial plan (3) an operations guide (4) a communications device. The budget was rated “proficient” in all four categories as well as fourteen mandatory criteria within those categories.


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