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Mayor Segarra’s Livable and Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative Continues to Revitalize Hartford Neighborhoods

(December 20, 2012) The Livable and Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative (LSNI) launched by Mayor Pedro E. Segarra in 2011, announced today that continued efforts to revitalize Hartford neighborhoods, including a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and pilot -program to capture illegal trash dumping in major commercial areas, is having significant success in all areas of the city.

Responding to resident complaints regarding the overall presence of trash and litter in certain neighborhoods, the LSNI, in collaboration with DPW and the Hartford Police Department, launched a pilot program that includes the installation of forty “Big Bellies” solar powered trash compactors, several solar powered motion sensor cameras and new signage to capture illegal activity. Residents raised concerns that properties and recreational areas were being negatively affected by some who were repetitively leaving large amounts of trash such as bulky furniture and construction materials in certain areas.

Additionally, the LSNI in collaboration with Corporation Counsel, Internal Audit, the Department of Finance, HHS and DPW implemented a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the remediation of private properties. The SOP has proven to be an efficient system to bill for City services, certify unpaid bills to the tax roll and recoup taxpayers’ dollars. Since the implementation of the SOP in late November, six private properties that have been remediated by the City and were unpaid have had the expenses certified to the tax roll. As of August 2012, 21 properties have been remediated and billed.

“I’m pleased with the improved collaboration between stakeholder departments on this important initiative. We knew after our 6 month assessment that additional oversight and new protocols were necessary to increase efficiency and accountability, both of which remain principal tenets of my administration,” said Mayor Segarra. “The problem of blight and urban decay is complex but this program, which has a long way to go before being perfected, is proving to be a national model.”

First introduced in 2011, the LSNI is tasked with restoring and revitalizing Hartford neighborhoods and combating blight. Since inception, 69 properties have abated all Anti-Blight Ordinance Violation Conditions specific to their property.


For Immediate Release: December 20, 2012
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