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City of Hartford to Discontinue Waste Collection for Ineligible Properties

(July 29, 2013) — The City of Hartford Department of Public Works will discontinue refuse collection service to approximately 150 City properties next month, because they are not eligible for DPW waste collection under current City ordinance. The ineligible properties were discovered during an internal DPW review, and are likely holdovers from changes to waste disposal ordinances made in 2006.

Beginning next week, DPW will notify ineligible properties that they will no longer receive refuse collection service from the City. Written notification will include contact information for more questions, as well as a list of local hauling companies. Within two weeks of receiving notification from the City, owners of ineligible properties should make alternative refuse collection and recycling arrangements, as required by law.

DPW’s core sanitation program is intended to handle refuse collection from 1-6 family residential properties only, and refuse collection services rendered to ineligible properties represent a significant financial impact on the City DPW’s budget.

If you’ve received a notice informing you of a discontinuation of collection, or have further questions about the City’s collection program, please contact the DPW staff listed below, or the City’s Constituent Services department at 311, or (860) 757-9311.


For Immediate Release: July 29, 2013
Contact: Marilynn Cruz-Aponte
(860) 757-9311
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