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City Emergency Services Department Suspends Employee for Racial Epithet

(August 1, 2013) — On August 1, 2013 Andrew Jaffee, Director of Emergency Services & Telecommunications convened a Loudermill Hearing regarding the racial epithet stated by an Emergency Telecommunications Dispatcher on July 22, 2013. 

Based on the findings of the investigation and testimony presented during the hearing, Mr. Jaffee found just cause to issue discipline for violation of the City’s “Workplace Violence Policy” and Conduct Unbecoming an Emergency Telecommunications Dispatcher.

When issuing discipline, the employee’s past performance, the City’s Progressive Discipline guide, and the seriousness and significance of the incident were considered.  As such, the employee will receive a five-day, unpaid suspension to begin Friday, August 2, 2013, and must attend Cultural Diversity training upon his return to work.

In addition, all employees of Emergency Services & Telecommunications will be required to attend Cultural Diversity training.    


For Immediate Release: August 1,2013
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