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“Today’s announcement is exciting because the single most powerful tool for building a better future for Hartford is to help give Hartford’s young people opportunities for meaningful employment.” – Mayor Luke Bronin

HARTFORD, CONN. (AUGUST 9, 2016) — Today, Mayor Luke Bronin kicked off the first phase of his signature initiative, Hartford’s Youth Service Corps, with a cleanup effort at the riverfront. The first step of Hartford’s Youth Service Corps includes giving two hundred of Hartford’s opportunity youth yearlong, part-time employment with flexible scheduling, and engagement in community service-based projects designed to visibly impact Hartford neighborhoods.

Hartford’s Youth Service Corps projects are addressing unmet needs in the City, such as blight remediation, home repair, and environmental stewardship. By completing these projects, Hartford’s Youth Service Corps Members will restore and protect Hartford’s natural, cultural, and historic resources and build safer, stronger neighborhoods.

“Today’s announcement is exciting because the single most powerful tool for building a better future for Hartford is to help give Hartford’s young people opportunities for meaningful employment,” said Mayor Bronin. “I believe that unemployment for young men and women in our cities is one of our greatest and most urgent challenges, and I’m incredibly grateful to our partners for stepping up in a huge way to meet that challenge. Giving young people a chance to earn a paycheck while contributing to their community is a powerful way to build safer, stronger neighborhoods.”

The City of Hartford’s Department of Families, Children, Youth, and Recreation (DFCYR) is leading Hartford’s Youth Service Corps. Our Piece of the Pie (OPP) serves as the implementation partner, providing full-time staff to develop and implement projects and manage Youth Service Corps member teams.
The City and OPP are working to ensure that Hartford’s Youth Service Corps boosts access to economic opportunity by serving as an on-ramp to workforce development programming, career-level professional placements, and permanent employment.
“Hartford’s Youth Service Corps is a unique and exciting opportunity for the youth of Hartford to create an opportunity for both their communities and for themselves,” said Bob Rath, CEO of Our Piece of the Pie, Inc.

The Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH) has provided $1 million in funds for Youth Service Corps projects through an Urban Revitalization Pilot Program grant.

"Strategic partnerships that produce great results like the one here between the Connecticut Department of Housing and the City of Hartford are an excellent example of the types of communities we're proud to play a role in building," said Connecticut Department of Housing Commissioner Evonne M. Klein. "Together, we're building a state, rich in diversity and inclusion, where everyone will have a welcoming and safe place to call home."

The kick-off event today was preceded by Mayor Bronin’s announcement earlier this summer that his administration secured $2.2 million in private funding for the first phase of the program. Five organizations donated the overwhelming share of funding for phase one, including The Hartford, Barbara Dalio and the Dalio Foundation, Aetna Foundation, Travelers Foundation, and Newman’s Own Foundation. 
“Mayor Bronin’s Youth Service Corps offers an incredible opportunity for Hartford’s young people to make a difference in their community,” said Barbara Dalio. “We are deeply committed to the Youth Service Corps because it empowers hundreds of young people with jobs, caring adults, and opportunities to inspire us all.”

“The Hartford is committed to building safe, strong, and successful communities, and, as part of that effort, we contributed $500,000 to the Hartford Youth Services Corps,” said Diane Cantello, The Hartford’s Vice President of Corporate Sustainability. “Beyond funding, The Hartford’s creative services team provided their expertise to design the logo for the Hartford Youth Services Corps, and we are excited to see it proudly displayed around the City as the program comes to life.”

"The Aetna Foundation is committed to building a healthier world, and helping people achieve better health – it’s at the heart of our mission," said Garth Graham, MD, MPH, president of the Aetna Foundation.  "We work with local, national and select international organizations to spark innovative ideas and programs, like Youth Service Corps, for improving health. We are proud to be a part of this program and investing in our Hartford youth to ensure a brighter tomorrow.”

“Supporting Hartford’s Youth Service Corps is a natural extension of the Newman’s Own Foundation commitment to empowering people and communities,” said Bob Forrester, President, and CEO of Newman’s Own Foundation. Through our grant making, we continue Paul Newman’s legacy of giving and creating opportunities. Youth Service Corps is a very special way to engage city youth in employment, while at the same time providing experiences and support for their continued development as productive and contributing members of society. We are pleased to be a part of this special public/private partnership and are hopeful that its success will also be a model for other cities nationally.”

Read more about Youth Service Corps on the Mayor’s website: www.hartford.gov/youth-service-corps.




HARTFORD, CONN. (AUGUST 8, 2016) BACKGROUND: Mayor Luke Bronin submitted a resolution to the City Council to reappoint Police Chief James Rovella as the top cop in Hartford. Regarding Chief Rovella’s reappointment, Mayor Bronin made the following statement:

“Chief Rovella has managed the department with a steady hand in challenging times, and I’m proud to reappoint him as the top cop in Hartford. He’s earned the trust of our community by serving as a strong voice for transparency and community engagement, he’s made significant strides in modernizing policing in Hartford through the use of technology, and he is focused on recruiting Hartford’s police force of the future. Chief Rovella has dedicated his career to keeping Hartford safe, and I know from working with him every day that nothing is more important to him than the safety and success of Hartford.”



HARTFORD, CONN. (AUGUST 2, 2016) – Today, Mayor Luke Bronin confirmed that the surety bonding company Arch Insurance has entered into an agreement with Pendulum, an architecture firm, to return to the ballpark as early as tomorrow.  In returning to the baseball stadium, Pendulum is tasked with completing a scope of work, which is necessary to re-open the project site and complete the ballpark. The costs of Pendulum’s work going forward will be paid for by Arch Insurance.
“Despite all the distractions, threats, and gamesmanship, we’ve stayed laser-focused on getting Arch Insurance to take over construction of the ballpark, because it’s the best result for Hartford and for Hartford’s taxpayers. Arch has not yet taken full responsibility, but by formally engaging the architect, they’ve taken a significant step forward in that direction.”
Following Centerplan’s failure to meet several deadlines for substantial completion of the ballpark and defaulting on the project, and subsequently, Mayor Bronin terminating Centerplan’s contract, Arch Insurance has been conducting an investigation since early this summer to determine what role they will play in completing the project.
As part of the agreement, the City of Hartford will wire $247,422.88 to Pendulum for past invoices that DoNo LLC had not paid, and the City has reserved all of its rights to seek reimbursement from Arch and from DoNo LLC for the advance of these funds.



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