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Federal and state laws require that congressional and legislative district lines be redrawn every 10 years. The districts must be based on the federal census and consistent with federal constitutional standards. Federal law requires districts to have equitable populations so that everyone's vote has equal importance ("One person, one vote"). The Bipartisan Redistricting Committee completed the State Legislative and Congressional District Lines.

The new Senate and House District Lines for Hartford have been approved by the redistricting committee. The Registrars are responsible for drawing the new voting district lines within the Senatorial and House Districts. Hartford has completed this process and has sent notices to all active voters informing them of their new Senate, House and Voting Districts. For some voters, the Senate, House and Voting Districts may remain the same. City maps are now available in the Registrars of Voters office for a fee. We encourage all to check the list of Polling Places.

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Registrar of Voters Contact

Registrar of Voters
City Hall, Room 002
550 Main St
Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: (860) 757-9830
Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

HARTFORD CITY HALL ADDRESS: 550 Main Street, Hartford, CT 06103 PHONE: (860)757-9311 HOURS: 8AM - 5PM