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Foreclosure Registration Requirements

PA 11-201 (ยงยง 13-15) makes changes in several laws affecting banking and housing, including foreclosure. Among other things, the act requires anyone who commences a foreclosure action concerning a subject property to register the property with the town clerk in the municipality where the property is located. They must pay a land record filing fee and the municipality must maintain the registration separate from the land records.

The act requires anyone taking title to a subject property after foreclosure to register with the town clerk within 15 days of absolute title vesting in the person. It eliminates the option of registering with the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS). If the registering owner was also the plaintiff in the foreclosure action, the person must update its prior registration rather than registering anew.

Prior law required those who register with a municipality, but not with MERS, to pay a $100 fee to the municipality. The act instead requires all registrants (including foreclosure plaintiffs updating their prior registration) to pay to the municipality a land record filing fee. The act permits a municipality to issue a notice for violations of state laws or municipal ordinances on property repair or maintenance only for registrations after title has vested following foreclosure (including updated registrations by those previously registered as plaintiffs). It also makes other changes regarding these notices.

Note: This is an excerpt from the July 13, 2011, OLR Research Report for Town Clerks, 2011-R-0243. CGS Section 7-148ii

Foreclosure Registration Guideline and Form

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